October 15, 2021

Book Review for Damaged by Graceli Kaye

Writing a book review is an art. I am a writer and a reader, but I don't often write book reviews. I greatly admire those who do. Book reviews are essential to the commercial success of a book. Especially for a new or indie author. I know this first hand. I've literally sent out hundreds of review requests, tailored specifically to each reviewer. I track dates for requests, emailed ARCs, and follow-up emails in an Excel spreadsheet. I've also used book review services and websites like Bookspout. The majority of reviews for my books are ones I've directly requested.

I know the importance of book reviews. I know an effective book review can be short and simple. It doesn't have to be a lengthy book report - just a "I liked it" or "I recommend this book" or something along those lines. Serious (professional?) book reviewers, those with book blogs or podcasts, who review books on a regular basis for authors and publishers often include a book description and reasons or examples to support their opinion.

Writing a book review provides affirmation to its author. For the most part, we are a shy and serious lot. Publishing our books is akin to putting an important piece of ourselves on display. Yet writing our books is a calling we cannot ignore.

I see the art of book review writing as a calling as well. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I don't often write book reviews, but when I do it's because I feel this book needs to be read.

I love to read. And, when I'm not writing, it's fair to say I'm an avid reader. I've found many of my recent reads on Instagram. Damaged by Graceli Kaye is one of them. Damaged is the first book in The VAC Chronicles, a three-book series. Right after I read the book description, I thought - this could be a series on Netflix. And Damaged did not disappoint.

My Review

The VAC Chronicles are a series of books, new adult drama, whose characters are connected through the fictitious university of Valessia-Anders College.

Geneva Blake is the protagonist of Damaged. She experiences trauma and, during the course of the story, a transforming life change. The book includes multi-character perspectives, written in first person. This approach provides unique and in-depth insight into each character. This emotion-provoking story is intense, involving serious topics of abuse and trauma. The writing is forthright and brutally honest.

Damaged is unlike any book I've ever read. The captivating and complicated characters could easily star in the next Netflix or Amazon Prime original series.

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Meet the Author

Graceli has been a lifelong writer. She began in 5th grade as a way to process and deal with issues by using her creativity. Over the years, she continued to write until some seemingly unrelated storylines began to intertwine to the point that they couldn’t be separated, and that’s when The VAC Chronicles were born. Some of the stories in the series have already been published, and she has countless more in the works with hopes to bring them to you soon.

When she is not working or spending time with her family, Graceli can be found absorbed in her world, writing the next book or books in the series. She currently lives in Maryland with her two adorable kids and awesome husband while surviving on caffeine drinks, kitty cuddles, and Zumba.

Find out more at www.thevacchronicles.wordpress.com


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