March 22, 2014

Happy Place

Close your eyes. Picture Main Street U.S.A. The quaint buildings housing shops and sweets. The happiest place on earth leading straight to the majestic Cinderella Castle. Well, we are back from our week long adventure at Disney World. It goes without saying, we had a fantastic time. It was a busy, fun-filled week!

Unfortunately, I didn't get much writing done. I managed to document all our activities during the week, though, and, while the kids were occupied on the plane, I wrote a little on the plane. It was probably an optimistic thought that I would be able to get some writing done, but I wouldn't change a minute of our trip!

I feel refreshed and recharged; armed with a new set of happy memories of my happy place. Ready to tackle the next curve ball life throws at me.

Back to writing now. :)

March 10, 2014

Almost Spring

Things have been busy around my house for the last six weeks... And I didn't get a head start on my spring cleaning... I was busy submitting my round 2 edits for my soon-to-be-published novella and planning a surprise trip to Disney World for my family. My husband and I really wanted to surprise the boys so it was a little like a second Christmas with all the secrets and planning. And now we're sitting in the airport and the boys will find out where we are going in about 6 hours. The kids are completely oblivious. We only told them we were going to a hotel with a pool... Which we are. I'm excited too... Not only do I love Disney, but I'm also looking forward to time away from my day job and a chance to get some writing done when the boys are sleeping. Planning this trip consumed most of my free time and it'll be awesome to sit back and relax. And write.

I have so many ideas... There are never enough hours in a day... I would love to start a new project, but I'm still trying to expand a story I started in the fall. I was grateful that a publisher showed some interest in it and provided me with some constructive criticism for improvements. I really want to finish it, polish it, and submit it again. And then maybe I can get to the millions (maybe not millions) of ideas that bombard me everyday. When you write, it's like everything you see could be a potential story. If you write, you get it. Every person you see could become a character. The possibilities are endless. Endless. You are only limited by your own imagination. Happy reading and/or writing this March break...