February 26, 2015

Goodreads? Good Idea

I'm on Goodreads, but I found an article on Twitter about all you can do, and realized how greatly I have underutilized this site. And why is that? Unlike Facebook, it's an intimidating site which is not very user friendly. An author on Facebook can join groups, promote their books, request reviews, and network with publishers, other authors and readers. There are groups for all these purposes with thousands of members.

What can you do on Goodreads?

Build relationships. Network. Participate in groups, but not to hawk your wares.
Find friends. Goodreads has a maximum capacity of 5,000 so choose wisely.
Use Listopia. Basically categorizing books like a library.

Goodreads is also a place to rate and review books, get book recommendations, and ultimately find readers. It seems like authors need to be on Goodreads.

So all the functionality is there, but the only way to get used to it is actually use it. I have used Facebook more, for both personal and professional use, so I am more comfortable with it. But there was a time, not so long ago, when I didn't use Twitter either. The whole 'practice makes perfect' adage is true. I must be more active on Goodreads.

Adding another social media outlet to monitor and use to an already busy schedule seems daunting. If I spend all my "free" time on the Internet, when will I have time to actually write? It's a balancing act for sure and I constantly refer back to my daily marketing plan to keep me on track. Because if you want to sell books, you need to be out there where the readers are.

Where are the readers? They are on Goodreads, an intriguing book networking site.

February 19, 2015

Book Spotlight - Under His Boss

A warm welcome to Doris O'Connor, visiting today to talk about her latest release...

Thanks for having my boys on your blog today. J

Well, I say my boys, but of course they aren’t, more’s the pity. No, from the minute James and George jumped into my head, they only had eyes for each other, and wouldn’t leave me be, until I’d told their story. In the process I fell hopelessly in love with them, and I hope readers will too.

Well, just look at them. I might have squealed a little in excitement when I got my cover. Yummy doesn’t begin to describe them, especially once you get to know them. James and George started out as a Friday flash on my blog.

I’ve lost count how many of those flashes have made it into a story now, and I always know which one will. It’s the ones where the picture really grabs me, and the words just pour out. The picture that sparked James and George’s story was this one.

You can read the original 100 words flash here.

Like I said those two stayed with me, and I knew I had to write their full story, and Under his Boss it is. It’s funny, and sad, and hot, of course, and as my hubby said to me after he read my first draft.

“Maaan, if I didn’t have you, I’d be jealous of their love story.”


After all… Love is a precious thing…


~Love is a precious thing~

When James Dyllon finds an explicit card on his desk he doesn’t know what to think. His hot as Hades boss has never given him the slightest indication that he returns James’ affections, so this card can’t be from him. Two male lovers entwined—someone is having a laugh at his expense.

George MacKenzie is done lusting after James from afar. A New Year brings with it the opportunity for change and George is tired of hiding. Since taking over the company after his father fell ill, he is finally in a position to act on his feelings, and he wants James. The card might be a feeble attempt, but at least James does not seem disinterested.

Together they will be able to weather anything, as long as he can convince James that he really does want forever.

“Happy New Year, boss.”
He put the tray on the night stand, and offered George two aspirin and the glass of water. George swallowed them and winced anew at the sandpapery quality of his throat. James grinned again—in sympathy George assumed—though it was difficult to determine through his blurry eyed vision and the brass band which seemed to have taken up residence in his head.
“Happy New Year.” George managed to croak those few words out and collapsed back on the bed with a groan. “I’m never drinking again.”
“Of course you won’t. Here, sit up, get your caffeine hit, and have a shower. You’ll feel better afterward, I promise.”
George glared at the other man through hooded lids, and decided there and then that James had to be some sort of sadist. No one was this happy first thing in the morning, and took this much delight in torturing another human being into sitting up. The clanging cymbals in his head all decided to bash together in discord and George groaned and held his head in his hands.
James’s amused snort joined in with the percussion instruments crashing against his skull and George screwed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose.
“Sadly we haven’t yet. I don’t think jerking off to images of you passed out in my bed counts as fucking you, and I do find myself most impatient to do so, so be a good boy, drink this coffee, and then for the love of God, shower, man.”
Amusement tinged those words, but there was an underlying edge that registered over the fuzz for brains in George’s head, and he cracked one eye open to look at James. The intensity of his gaze made him swallow, and all conscious thought fled out of his brain as James grasped his hands and wrapped them round the steaming cup of coffee.
“Coffee, shower, fuck, in that order.”                                                                                   
James winked at him, and George did as he was told. The slap to his ass as he stumbled off the bed and James pointed him to the bathroom, stung, and made his cock jerk. James noticed, of course and wrapped his hand around George’s shaft and pumped it a few times. Exquisite pleasure shot through George’s system, and he braced a hand on the wall to steady himself.
“Fuck, James, stop doing that, or I’ll never make it into the shower.”
James laughed, bit his shoulder lightly, released his cock, and swatted his ass again.
“Don’t be too long in there, or I’ll be forced to join you.”
George groaned and shook his head.
“Is that supposed to be a deterrent or a promise?” He didn’t catch James’s laughing reply, as he stumbled into the bathroom. By the time he managed to eventually relieve himself, wash his hands, and brush his teeth with the spare toothbrush he’d found propped up against the sink, he felt almost human. The warm stream of the power shower further revived him, and he stood and let the hot spray cascade over him. He wasn’t entirely surprised to hear the shower enclosure open and shut and he sucked in a breath when he opened his eyes. James stood with his back to him, and George got his first good look at James’s dragon. It covered his back, wings flapping wildly, and the art work was supreme. Over James’s broad shoulders, down his muscular back and into his delectable ass, George’s gaze followed the trail of ink, and giving into the need to touch the other man, he let his hands follow the trail of his visual inspection.
His cock reared back into life with a speed and force that left him lightheaded as James’s lust filled groan trembled through the confined space of their shower enclosure, and his lover’s muscles tensed under George’s fingertips.
“That’s fucking awesome, baby.” George ran his knuckles down James’s spine until he reached the globes of his ass. Squeezing the firm flesh he kneaded his lover’s butt cheeks and kissed down James’s back. It took a bit of awkward maneuvering in their confined space, but he managed to drop to his knees, and continue his path downward. James swore under his breath and slapped his hands on the tiled wall for support when George spread his lover’s ass cheeks and licked from James’s heavy balls upward to his anus.
James tensed and panted, when George tunneled his tongue through James’s ring of muscle while bringing one hand round to grasp his thick shaft.
“Fuck, George, you don’t have to… Jesus.”
James’s cock jerked and pulsed in George’s firm grasp, and those tight muscles guarding James’s rear entrance tightened around his tongue in involuntary clenches that told George in no uncertain terms how close James was getting. Anal play was something George had always enjoyed. The mere intimacy of the act showed how much you trusted the other person, and he withdrew slowly and growled his next words into James’s hairy thighs, while he fondled the man’s heavy balls.
“Turn round, baby. I want to taste you.”

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About Doris:

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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February 12, 2015

Book Spotlight - Moon Bound

Welcome to Michaela Rhua, visiting today to celebrate her latest release! Congratulations, Michaela! Enjoy!

Moon Bound by Michaela Rhua

Title: Moon Bound
Series: Moon Maidens
Written by: Michaela Rhua
Published by: Evernight Publishing
Release: February 5, 2015
Word Count: 14K
Genre: F/F Erotic, Romance, Paranormal, Shifter, Action/Adventure,

Warning: Lesbian Sex, Sex Toys, Violence

Under the glare of the full moon, friends and foes alike meet their destiny…
Wolf shifter Misty never thought she would rescue a damsel in distress, but when she stumbles across a bloodied girl on her run, she has to act fast. An action she ought to regret when that girl turns out to be Were shifter, and thus an enemy of her pack.
Feelings cannot be denied, however, and when she meets Sofya again, the girls give into their attraction for each other.
The path to true love is never smooth and tensions rise further when Sofya's father is implicated in a shifter death.
Will this news tear the two lovers apart, and turn them into foes or can the moon bind them together to work out the truth?

"You're stalling, so it must mean it's time for me to leave." Sofya spun on the spot, and Misty swiftly caught her arm.
"Let's take a seat." Misty pointed to the sofa and Sofya nodded her agreement.
"Raya's father was killed when she was young, and it's all messed up." Misty took a sip. "He had land and somehow the local Were community were involved."
"My father had nothing to do with that…how could you think such a thing?" Sofya put the cup down and made to get up. Misty reached across and grabbed her arm.
"I know, I know he didn't. It was all before his time. But if the land was taken without proper permission then Raya has a right to claim it."
"Wait, are you talking about the land that Wylan wants? He keeps bugging my dad to sign it over to him."
"You know about all this?" Misty sat up, alert to every detail.
"Sure, I know there's something going on with some land issue, and I heard Wylan and dad talking about how the Vamps were warning us or something…wait." Sofya paused, looking into her cup.
"Wylan was talking about the night I was attacked and how the Vamps were sending a warning. I didn't get it at the time."
"Hold on, that makes sense. Raya and Amari have worked out that somehow the Shifters blamed the Witches who had some involvement in a curse on the Weres. It looks like the Vamps have been using both communities for their own reasons."
"Oh boy, not the stupid legend of how a powerful witch cursed the Weres who are now bound to the moon? Come on people." She rolled her eyes. "Sheesh."
"Each community holds on to their own beliefs and legends. For some it's what holds people together, since you know a common enemy. You and I are supposed to be enemies, but when you get rid of all that bad history we are two people who love each other."
"What? You love me? Seriously, like proper love?" Sofya's eyes widened.
Misty suddenly realized what she had said. There was no going back now.
"Y...Yes I do. I've never felt like this with anyone." Misty looked down at her hands, too scared to look up and stare Sofya in the face. She was worried at what she'd see. Rejection was not something she wanted to feel ever again.
"I love you too."
The words she longed to hear came as a whisper. Misty looked up and saw tears shining in the eyes of the woman she loved.
"Really?" Misty couldn't believe it. No-one had ever said that back to her.
"Yes, really. Misty, I don't sleep with anyone. I know it's early days for us, but being with you I feel we can build this into something great…if you want?"
Misty felt tightness in her throat, before the tears that were edging to the surface could spill, and she felt Sofya's hand stroking her cheek.  She took a deep breath and knew what must be done.
"We need to sort out what's happening with Raya and her land. That could mean involving your dad and digging into the truth."
Sofya sighed. "Yep I know. We have to start with my dad."
"Look, I don't want anything to come between you and your dad. So let me handle it, okay?"
"No, I can't let you do that. Besides, I know where dad keeps all the important paperwork so we should start there and then talk to dad."

Available on 5th February at www.evernightpublishing.com and other eBook Stores too.

Hope you like the sound of the book. Why not check out book 1- Moon Dance – available here:

About Mik:
Michaela Rhua always dreamed of writing but this never happened until she met the lovely group of ladies known as UCW. Their passion for writing and encouragement inspired her to see if she could do it too. Now she is multi published and loves writing!
She has teenage children who also keep her busy. However, it is whilst travelling into work that she has time to create her characters and imagine other places in which they exist as her world skims by the window. Conversations overheard often lead to the birth of new ideas that she scribbles down in her trusty notebook.

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February 6, 2015

Book Spotlight - Riding Rebel

As part of this book tour, I'm pleased to present Kiru Taye's Riding Rebel... The third book in The Essien Trilogy.

Title: Riding Rebel
Author: +Kiru Taye, Author 
Series: The Essien Trilogy #3
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication date: January 26, 2015


Seen as the rebel Essien, Tony has always felt like an outsider. With a daredevil lifestyle, he’s more at home in leathers than in a suit, and more likely to be seen gracing the red carpets at a movie premiere with a starlet draped on his arms than in a boardroom. Still, he’s determined to prove himself to his family and build a successful movie business. Spotting Rita Dike at an event, he sees the potential star of his new movie and his next pleasure conquest.

Rita is a journalist looking for her big break. When she inherits the journal of her late best friend who claims Tony is not an Essien, she spots the perfect scoop. Her acting classes come in handy when she has to pose as an actress to get closer to Tony. Succumbing to the charms of dark and brooding Tony might just be the only way to get through the close ranks of the Essien family.

But as she gets closer to the truth, Rita risks losing the riding rebel who’s raided her heart. Can love heal hearts or will deceit break them?

Tagline: Love. Lust. Deceit



Watch Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/nLeaWZ6Z8SA


His grip on her arm tightened and he increased his pace as they headed across the polished marbled floor of the lobby to the lifts. She stumbled. He swivelled, grasped her shoulder, and pulled her into him to save her from falling over. He'd forgotten she was tottering on sky-high-heeled shoes. He really shouldn’t be such a bastard no matter how pissed off he was at the situation.

His panting breath mingled with hers, their faces only an inch apart. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," she whispered in a breathy voice, surprisingly subdued.

The urge to kiss her rose, watering his mouth. They stood in the middle of a busy lobby with prying eyes and mobile phone cameras. Tomorrow, their pictures would be splashed all over the Internet. It never bothered him when that happened. However Rita's artless demeanour indicated she wasn't used to the limelight. Something in him wanted to shield her from the exposure.

So he tamped down his desire and tilted her head up so she had to look into his eyes. Her soft, smooth skin felt warm and beautiful brown irises met his hesitantly. "I'm going to call the lift and go up to my room. It's your choice if you want to come up or not."

"What..." She sucked in a breath as if gathering strength to say what she needed. "What do you want from me?"

"I want to fuck you," he said in low voice meant for her ears only.

Her lips parted, her breath hitched. The pulse on her neck thundered and her throat rippled as she swallowed. But she didn't back away and her saucer-wide eyes turned molten brown with lust.

There. He had his answer. She wanted him. Would she let him fuck her? Because that's what it would be. In his world, sex was about fucking. Wild, animalistic, unrestrained rutting. He would see to her pleasure again and again. Still, it wouldn’t be sweet and it wouldn’t be loving.

A lift opened and a man stepped out. Tony released her and walked into the lift.

Turning, he faced her. Enough game playing. She had to come to him of her own volition.

She stood there looking sexy as sin as she bit her bottom lip and her forehead puckered in a frown as if she wondered why he'd left her in the lobby.

"I'm not going to drag you into the lift, if that’s what you were expecting." His fingers itched to do it, though. He didn't want to contemplate that she would turn around and walk away. Yet he had to give her the opportunity. "You have to walk into this lift yourself if you want me."

She glanced behind her and took a hesitant step backward.

His heart thundered. She was going to run. He held his breath and counted to ten to stop from stepping out and grabbing her arm. Instead, he jammed his finger into the door hold button and waited. Seconds ticked by that felt like hours. Sweat beaded his forehead.

She looked up and met his gaze. "Can you make the pain go away?"

It's My Life – Bon Jovi
Grenade – Bruno Mars
Like I Can – Sam Smith
Get Married – Bruno Mars
Set Fire to the Rain  - Adele
Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson



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February 5, 2015

The Real World

I write paranormal romances.

Why? It's not real.

I live in the real world. The real world is where my husband is disabled and I have responsibilities at home. Where we have a mortgage and bills. Where I spend half my time playing referee for my two young sons and the other half doing chores. The real world is where I work Monday-to-Friday at an under-staffed office. Where I eat lunch at my desk alone (most days). Where I feel like I am constantly running on a treadmill trying to meet my deadlines. The real world is where I am sick and the doctors have no idea what's wrong with me. I have no idea what's wrong with me. There's no plan forward and I'm scared. This is my real world.

I've always said no would watch a TV show or movie about real life. We all look for the fantasy... The iconic Friends living in NYC, the vampires of Bon Temps, reality TV (any of it!)... It's an escape from our reality. Non-fiction is the exception. I read enough non-fiction when I was a kid. Now I like my entertainment as far a cry from reality as possible. Vampires? Cowboys? Superheroes? RomCom? Bring it on! I'm not looking for realism here. I need a happily ever after.

Writing makes me feel better. It helps to process my thoughts and chase the fog away. It absorbs me into a whole new world. One I have been fortunate enough to share. I love my life, real world and all, my husband and kids are amazing, but the last few years my family has been going through a lot. Finding time to relax and escape is key to survival.

So close your eyes and imagine. The possibilities are endless... And entirely unreal. Just the way I like it.