February 22, 2014

Valentine's Is Over

Okay, we all know that Valentine's Day was a holiday invented by the card companies to boast sales between Christmas and Easter . . . But it is also an inspiring time to write romance. What other time of the year do we see hearts and love in every store window, chocolates and teddy bears practically shoved down our throats? I am a romantic, but I don't celebrate February 14th in the traditional manner anymore. I don't buy my husband a card (and he doesn't buy me one either). I don't buy into the commercial aspect, but I do write a new Valentine's Day story every year. I'm not that much of a cynic . . . I love everything about love. And maybe it's not so bad that a day was created to celebrate it. :) I hope my latest V-Day story (posted on The Nuthouse Scribblers blog last week) was enjoyed!

Here's to Valentine's Day - I can't wait until next year!