April 16, 2024

À Bientôt

I started my blog Maya's Musings in January 2014, over ten years ago. Discounting the "bots" from Singapore (80k views over the last year seems suspicious when my blog's lifetime views total 212k over ten years), I see about 20 views per post. I am grateful for those views, but—unfortunately—the time of the blog is over. Recent marketing and promotion tips for writers have been putting more emphasis on the newsletter. I have worked to build my list since December 2014 and have about 1,000 subscribers. If you have enjoyed my blog over the last ten years and are not yet a newsletter subscriber, I encourage you to subscribe here. On a quarterly or so basis, I aim to provide a balance of interesting tidbits and authorly updates plus contests and giveaways.

I am reluctant to say "good-bye" to the blog that helped form the foundation of my author platform. But I acknowledge that in this ever-evolving world, author blogs have begun to be obsolete. Today, I have a website (which I am in the process of overhauling—change is good), and I supplement my Internet presence by participating in the various social media platforms.

I started my journey because I wanted to write and publish a book. I accomplished that goal and found deep personal satisfaction. Over the last ten years, I have learned so much about myself. And I've continued to write and publish books. Writing is a passion project for me. I am not a financially successful author, but—luckily for me—I use other metrics to measure my success. When a reader tells me that they've enjoyed my book. When a reader conveys how I've impacted their life. When a reader posts a five-star review. That is success.

I am here to tell a story. I will continue to tell my stories. And, maybe someday, I will return to Maya's Musings.