August 12, 2022

Promotion for A Vampire's Tale

A Vampire's Tale is featured on Ereader News Today.

Like feisty heroines and reluctant heroes? A Vampire's Tale, Book One in The Magicals Series, has got you covered. This vampire / protector story is filled with intrigue, drama, and—of course—a satisfying happily-ever-after. Five books make up the complete series. You'll meet vampires, wizards, and fairies in my magical world.

“…I highly recommend this novel to those searching for something much fulfilling, interesting and enchanting than your typical romance.” -- 2 Girls Book Reviews


“…This was a fun and refreshing read…” -- Christina Smith Belcher


“…So, much as Corgan made Marisa believe that true vampires do exist, Maya Tyler has managed to show this jaded romance skeptic that there is still such a thing as a sweet love story. Four well deserved stars…” – JennlyT

July 11, 2022

A Vampire's Tale Feature

Featured today on eBook Discovery, the first book in The Magicals Series, A Vampire's Tale. Now at a permaprice of 99c. Have you met my magicals yet?

June 27, 2022

Quote of the Week

 Quote of the Week will return in September. Have a great summer!

June 7, 2022

Release Day for A Magical's Gift

I hadn't planned on writing a book series... It just sort of happened. So, I started thinking... Did my series contain an overall story arc?

I wrote A Vampire's Tale because I shared my protagonist's views on the Hollywood vampire. I'm supportive of an author's prerogative, but I believe, in the case of vampires, there are some hard and fast rules.


1. A vampire's bite can transform a human into a vampire under certain circumstances.

2. A vampire doesn't have a soul.

Special Skills:

3. A vampire can possess skills like super speed, the ability to fly, or "Jedi mind tricks" like erasing memories or planting suggestions.

Injuries and Death

4. A vampire can feel pain, cry tears of blood, and experience injury. They will heal faster below ground.

5. A vampire can die by various methods like prolonged exposure to sun.

You can agree or not. It's still just my opinion, determined after much research.

In A Vampire's Tale, the vampire Corgan finds a paranormal romance author Marisa to tell the truth about vampires. Oh, and she's also a paranormal skeptic who doesn't believe in vampires. That makes for a bumpy meet cute.

I hadn't planned on writing A Wizard's Choice, but Kurtis Warde demanded a story of his own. Introduced as a friend of the protagonist in A Vampire's Tale, Kurtis is also a wizard apprentice with the Magical Guardians, AND the son of a wizard and a fairy. Why is this significant, you may ask? For centuries, wizards and fairies were sworn enemies. The wizards had thought they'd annihilated the fairies while, in actuality, the fairies were lying in wait, plotting their revenge. Once a tool of genocide, the wizards now keep the peace in the magical world. The continued existence of fairies would've presented them with a dilemma.

In A Wizard's Choice, Kurtis must choose to become a full-fledged wizard or not. Being a wizard is as much of an honor as it is a sacrifice. You dedicate yourself to peace, but forgo love and marriage. Oh, and, you instantly transform into an old man. The wizards let their apprentices sample the non-magical world before they make their lifelong committment. And, if they don't become wizards, they're not shunned. Kurtis doesn't want to become a wizard, but he doesn't want to disappoint the grandfather Waldor who raised him. Did I mention that neither of his parents are in the picture? It relates to the feud. His maternal grandmother tried to kill his mother Amelie so she left him with his father Niall, not knowing that Niall had fought with his father Waldor and taken off. A tragic misunderstanding makes an excellent plot device.

And, it wouldn't be a romance novel without a love story. I planned for Kurtis to fall in love with his life coach Alina, but he insisted on being with Corgan's maker Dee. It was a surprise turn of events which left Alina heartbroken and alone... until A Fairy's Quest.

Did I mention that Alina is a fairy and part of the royal family? Alas, another fairy family had stolen their crown, and it's Alina's duty to reclaim it. And the story lines are still very connected. The fairies who stole the crown are the same fairies who tried to kill Kurtis' mother. Also, Kurtis' maternal grandmother tried to kill Kurtis and Alina in A Wizard's Choice. Confused yet? I hope not because the story is far from over. 

In A Fairy's Quest, Alina travels to Paris to meet with The Royal Court of Fairies. She's intercepted by an assassin Rylan, but instead of killing her, they fall in love.

Every book in this series ended up containing so many connections that even I didn't see at first. That's what happens when the characters are in charge. I'm looking at you, Kurtis Warde.

Kurtis' mother Amelie escaped her mother's wrath, but she had a little help from Faye, a fairy from The Royal Court of Fairies. Even though both Amelie and Kurtis are safe, Faye feels like she failed Amelie. She starts a company called Fairy Godmothers, Incorporated (FGI) to help grant wishes to atone for her guilt. In A Fairy Godmother's Redemption, the fairy godmothers help a college student Drew who finds himself the guardian of his twin half-sisters and a popular singer Sera who finds herself embroiled in a tabloid scandal. And, of course, Drew and Sera fall in love.

Four books later, my series is still incomplete. I needed to tell Amelie and Niall's story. In A Magical's Gift, RELEASE DAY IS TODAY, BUY NOW FOR $1.49 UNTIL JUNE 12, I concluded my series arc with my final happily-ever-after, Amelie and Niall's reunion.

And, I made another observation just now. The Magicals Series is all connected to Kurtis Warde. Book One is about Kurtis' friend Corgan. Book Two is about Kurtis. Book Three is about Alina, the girl Kurtis didn't choose. Book Four is about the fairy who helped Kurtis' mother Amelie. Book Five is about Kurtis' parents Amelie and Niall. Pretty cool, right?

So, if you haven't read this series, I highly recommend it. [smiling emoji] It truly was an incredible journey. The writing, the re-reading, and the revelations I discovered about the characters and myself. The Magicals Series is a fast-paced, complicated adventure into a magical world. I didn't plan it as a series, yet it evolved into one.

The Magicals Series:
A Vampire's Tale
A Wizard's Choice
A Fairy's Quest
A Fairy Godmother's Redemption
A Magical's Gift

May 31, 2022

May 24, 2022


Every indie author out there: Buy my book! No, seriously, buy my book. Please buy my book. It's good. I like it.

Readers everywhere: :)

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May 23, 2022

Quote of the Week

 It's Victoria Day weekend in Canada, but since I already found the perfect quote... here it is! Also, perfectly fitting considering the violent storm we had here in Ontario on Saturday. Lives were lost, power disconnected, trees uprooted. Stay safe out there!

May 17, 2022


Thanks for voting for A Fairy Godmother's Redemption in the 2022 RONE Awards. I also had a very successful book sale last week, coinciding with the reader voting. 

May 11, 2022

May 10, 2022


Week 5 of the RONE Award Reader Voting started yesterday... Haven't voted for A Fairy Godmother's Redemption yet? You can vote now.

The 99c Amazon only sale also started yesterday...

April 27, 2022

Black and White Characters (and I'm not referring to race)

Until now, I'd always written a compelling backstory for my "bad guys." Generally, I believe that people (or characters) have both good and bad attributes. In other words, no one is all good or all bad. There are no absolutes. Life is a result of one's experiences and choices.

While self-editing my latest book (second last step before submitting it to my publisher), I made a startlingly realization. My "bad guy" was just "bad."

From the moment I introduced the character, Sherrie, she was a complete bitch. She abused a position of power. She treated my heroine, Beth, with disrespect and embarrassed her publicly. In front of other characters, she acted like a totally different person. My hero, Nick, stood up for Beth. He made Sherrie accountable for her behavior. By the end of the story, Sherrie became unhinged, resulting in her downfall. Sherrie had specific motivations for her actions, but they weren't justifiable. Her character arc was a simple cause and effect. Karma. She was a terrible person who lost everything.

This was the first book I'd written in a while that didn't include physical violence and danger. It can be pretty exhausting to spin that kind of intrigue so I thought I'd write something lighter. Stories still need conflict though. As it turns out, I only exchanged physical violence with emotional abuse. Both my main characters encountered judgment based on preconceived notions. It made my heroine defensive and distrustful. It made my hero reckless and self-sabotaging.

My writing is a personal reflection. I often incorporate (knowingly or unknowingly) my experiences into my work. Through fiction, I discover truths about myself and I can control the outcome for my characters (or at least they let me think that I can). Sherrie represented a malevolence I encountered and faced alone. In my story, Nick listened to and supported Beth. I gave Beth what I'd needed. This was painful to write, but powerful to realize. I couldn't rewrite my past, but I could bring the lesson forward.

April 26, 2022


Excerpt from A Fairy Godmother's Redemption:

The sun woke him up the next morning. Oh… it’s too early. His brain abandoned its sleepy state when he remembered his mother was kicking them out today. He rolled out of bed, wearing yesterday’s wrinkled clothes.

His heart jumped in his chest. He heard the clang of pots and pans coming from the kitchen. Is Mom making breakfast? Maybe she changed her mind? He hopped down the stairs, taking two at a time. A surprising scene greeted him with Madison and Mackenzie making breakfast in the kitchen. There was no sign of his mother. He tried to hide his disappointment.

“We made breakfast.” Madison smiled, pride evident in her eyes. “We aren’t allowed to use the stove.

Mackenzie looked around the room, avoiding eye contact with Drew. “I hope you like cereal.”

“You used a lot of dishes—” He waved his hand around the messy kitchen. “—to make cereal.”

Madison's eyes filled with tears.

Damn. He hated the waterworks. “That's fine. I love cereal.”

Mackenzie grinned. “We made it special.”

Special? He took a bite of cereal, tasting a mix of at least three different kinds. “Mmm.”

Madison beamed while Mackenzie watched him suspiciously.

April 22, 2022

Finding Balance Between Art and Business

A published author who wants to achieve "commercial success" must keep focused on both the creation and promotion of their work. That said, writing and promoting are two very separate activities, requiring different skill sets.

There are only twenty-four hours in a day... and some of those are dedicated to sleeping and eating. Plus, in the indie author world, most of us have day jobs. Some people have families and other responsibilities. Where does writing fit in? Who has the time (and money) to promote?

Promotion on a Limited Time and Money Budget

What are the goals? Constant engagement on all the social media platforms plus maintaining a blog (and/or newsletter) and website. Constant ads on book promotion sites. Continuous production of new work to promote. Being everywhere. Doing everything. Sound unrealistic? Unless you are ten different people or have a personal assistant, probably.

I have a decent understanding of social media. I'm fairly active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. In the last year, I've seen a 16% increase in Instagram followers whereas Facebook and Twitter have grown by 2%. I use my blog to post my weekly features like "Quote of the Week" on Mondays and "#TirgearrTuesday" on Tuesdays with a not-so-regular-lately post on Fridays. For time management, I use several social media post schedulers, like Planoly and Buffer. In the fall, I started contributing (non-promotional posts) on on Wednesdays to expand my audience. Words are important, but it's even better if you can reach the readers.

For new releases, I have used Facebook parties, virtual book tours, and book trailers to create interest.

I have a blog (obviously) and a quarterly newsletter I send using MailChimp. A lot of the how-to guides to book promoting stress the importance of building a mailing list. I have participated in promotions to add to my numbers. Most recently, a Booksweeps promotion which added 300 people to my list, equating to a 29% increase from last year. Ideally, offering a lead magnet would encourage readers to sign up too. It's on my to-do list.

My skill set has expanded to include (basic) web and graphic design. Templates make it accessible for diys. I design my own graphics using sites like Canva. I outsource when my requirements exceed my abilities.

My website contains the recommended pages: Home, About, My Books, and I use it as a landing page for newsletter sign-ups. My current package includes ten pages so I have an entire series on one page with shortcut links to individual books. I also have a Writing Community page with links to my author pages and interviews, other authors, writing resources, and promotional sites.

Aside from the author platform—social media, blog, newsletter, website—reader reviews are an invaluable source for promotional material. I've sent hundreds of book review request emails over the last ten years, found some excellent reviewers, and used review snippets in my book graphics.

In conclusion, I save money by doing as much as I can myself. Unfortunately, doing promotional activities takes time away from writing. In truth, this is probably not a good strategy because I don't make any money. For my last four books, I have spent an average of $800 per new book release ($3,000 total) and earned less than $100 in royalties (in the first year). Seriously, what I am I doing wrong?

I imagine I am not alone in this seemingly losing battle. I write. I promote. Capital is required to get my books in front of readers in order to make sales. But my past strategies are not getting results. So, where should I spend my promotional dollars?

April 19, 2022


 Excerpt from A Fairy Godmother's Redemption:

Drew stepped a little closer to Sera, standing awkwardly under the bright lights.

The crowd chanted, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Without warning, Sera grabbed Drew’s jacket lapels, tugging him even closer, before planting a gentle kiss on his lips. The attraction was undeniable. He wanted to drink her in. If they weren’t on stage… But they were. Drew pulled back.

Sera winked at him. “The crowd loves it.”

Will this ever end? He turned slightly, hoping to move off the stage without drawing any notice. But a twin spotlight moved over him.

Sera held the microphone in one hand, but she held him captive in her gaze. He was drawn to her intense eyes. The way she looked at him… It felt real, like she actually had feelings for him. He dismissed the ridiculous thought. This meant nothing to her. She was a performer, a talented actress. 

Sera started playing the intro on her guitar. “I was incomplete; I had a missing piece. Without you in my life. Just a princess without a prince; Then I found you.”

Drew watched her, completely captivated. Her voice was amazing as always, but this song… This song was powerful. There was no other word for it.

“You make me feel beautiful; Like I'm your whole world. Everything is brighter; I feel lighter. With you in my life. So, sing with me.”

Drew felt connected to her song, compelled to join in. “Sing with me.”

Sera looked startled for a moment, then continued with the song. “Complete me.”

Drew echoed. “Complete me.”

Sera leaned in, touching him under the chin. “Be my perfect complement. I need you, My Duet at Midnight.”

As the crowd cheered loudly, Drew echoed the lyrics. “Duet at Midnight.” Then, everything faded into the background until he was only aware of one thing. Sera. The lyrics from one of his songs came to mind: Never felt like this before; Something in me wants to soar.

April 12, 2022


Excerpt from A Fairy Godmother's Redemption:

Today is a new day. This will blow over. And everything will go back to normal. Sera squared her shoulders. I can face anything as long as I get to sing. She took a deep breath. I’m not doing myself any favors, wallowing in my hotel room. She needed a change of scenery… and some fresh air wouldn’t hurt either. 

Enjoying the forceful stream from the showerhead pounding the tension from her neck and shoulders, she lingered under the heated spray. Escaping the steamy room, she donned her most inconspicuous outfit—a faded t-shirt and a pair of worn jeans—then tucked her long hair, still wet from the shower, under a ballcap. Finally, she grabbed her sunglasses and purse before slipping out of her room. 

As she passed Krista’s door, she felt a twinge of guilt. It’s not like I’m sneaking around. Even she didn’t believe her defensive statement. She knew she’d been avoiding Krista. After a quick walk, I’ll go see her.

The bright sun on this spring morning promised another sultry day. She tugged her ballcap a little lower and put on her sunglasses before pushing open the heavy revolving door. The rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee filled the air, a sharp contrast with its competing scents—malted barley and Mary Jane. She hit the sidewalk, heading toward the nearest coffee bar. It felt good to be out of her room. She dodged a group of camera-toting tourists, turning her face to the side as she passed. Pausing in front of a cafĂ© that boasted “fair trade organic coffee” to read their sandwich board menu, she decided on a twelve-ounce cappuccino. Coffee in hand, she detoured toward the marina instead of heading straight back to the hotel. 

It’s a beautiful morning. She took a deep breath, appreciating the salty tang of the ocean. Neat rows of sailboats lined the piers of Mariners Bay. People bustled along the boardwalk, focused on their various places to go, leaving Sera unnoticed among the chaos. She enjoyed the anonymity. In her casual clothes, no one would mistake her for the musical sensation, Seraphina Jacobs. 

Finding an empty bench with a great view of the harbor, she settled down, cradling her coffee in both hands. She embraced the peaceful feeling that something so simple—sitting down with coffee—created within her. In a flash of inspiration, she dug out a notepad and pen from her purse. She scrawled Everything is brighter; I feel lighter on the page. Staring at the words, she realized their truth. Sitting there in the sunshine, things did seem brighter. Far removed from the worries of her reality. She gulped the last sip of coffee, knowing she’d run out of ways to stall her return to the hotel. Her reprieve was over. Time to face the music. She cringed at her unintentional pun, then she grinned as another occurred to her. It’s showtime.

April 5, 2022


Excerpt from A Fairy Godmother's Redemption:

“Faye hooked us up with a limo ride to the concert.” 

Madison gasped. “Wow!” 

Mackenzie assessed Drew critically. “If we’re going in a limo, you’re gonna need fancier digs.”

“Already covered. Faye included a suit rental.”

Madison sighed. “It’s just like in Cinderella.”


“You know when Cinderella goes to the ball… Her fairy godmother gives her a new dress and turns a pumpkin into a fancy carriage…” She smiled dreamily. “You know what that means? Faye is your Fairy Godmother.”

He paused at Madison’s words, thinking about everything Faye did this week. With a new job, new apartment, and now a suit and a limo… It did seem like a fairy tale, but he didn’t want the girls getting any unrealistic ideas. “Don’t be silly, Madison. Fairy tales aren’t real.”

Mackenzie’s chin jutted out stubbornly. “Says who?”

Too tired from working all day, he didn’t have the energy for this argument. “Fine, fairy tales can be real. Now get ready for bed.” He caught Madison and Mackenzie sharing a smug smile.

April 4, 2022

Quote of the Week

Just as April showers bring May flowers, pain can bring change.

On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. His dream for equality, freedom, and justice continues to inspire.

March 22, 2022

March 8, 2022


Dreams or duty? Will Kurtis choose to follow his heart or risk sacrificing his own happiness for peace in the magical world?

March 7, 2022

Quote of the Week

 To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the March quotes of the week will be Irish themed. Enjoy!

February 28, 2022

Quote of the Week

 I haven't read the book <<gasp>> but the movie is a real tear-jerker!

February 22, 2022


Q: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

A: A floor picnic on a rainy day.


Drew and the girls met Sera at Faye’s Cafe and ordered one picnic hamper to go.

“Welcome to our humble abode.” Drew opened the door for Sera. “Madison, grab a quilt from the linen closet.”

The girls made short work of their sandwiches, but Drew became suspicious when they turned down dessert—their favorite part of any meal—and disappeared into their bedroom. 

He shared a conspiratory look with Sera. “I think we have two matchmakers at work.” 

“You mean you didn’t put them up to it?” 

“No.” His face turned bright red. “Uh—” 

“You look adorable when you blush.” She stroked the side of his face. “Today’s been a lot of fun.


Sera frowned. “But I gotta go.” 

“Right now?” Drew leaned toward her, capturing her lips in a gentle kiss. When he pulled away, Sera had a slightly dazed look on her face. 

“Maybe I can stay a little longer.” She licked her lips as she swayed toward him. 

“Yeah?” With a knowing smile, Drew caressed the side of her face. “I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times. And, I swear, it’s not a line. You’re beautiful.” 

Sera gazed back at him, the same wonder he felt mirrored in her eyes. “People throw around words, like, all the time, and they’re completely meaningless. You tell me I’m beautiful, and I can believe it’s true.” 

“I’ve never met anyone like you.” 

Sera arched an eyebrow. “You mean, famous?” 

“No.” Drew shook his head slightly. “Without pretense. High school is just a bunch of posturing kids, pretending to be someone else.” He shrugged. “Even me. And, you— You could be the biggest fake of them all, and you’re not. You’re real.” 

“Stop, Drew. You’ll make me blush.” 

“Yeah?” He leaned in, grazing the edge of her ear with his teeth. “I can make you blush.” 

She shivered in response to his insinuation, shying out of his reach. “I’m sure you can.”


February 21, 2022

Quote of the Week

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. When you find the one, they will be perfect... for you.

February 15, 2022


Q: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

A: A tour through the gardens of Versailles.


The trip to Versailles by metro went by quickly, having more to do with the conversation than the train's speed. Before long, Alina strolled through the famed gardens, enjoying the fall foliage. 

“It’s beautiful.” Her head swiveled as she tried to take it all in. “I must look like such a tourist.”

“Tourist or local, it is one of the most impressive gardens in the world.” Rylan looped his arm through hers. “And even more lovely to experience it with a beautiful woman.” 

“I don’t know if I should take anything you say seriously.” 

“I never say something I do not mean.” 

Alina blushed. “I’m not fishing for compliments.” 

“And that, my dear, makes you unique.” Clasping her hands to his chest, he took a dramatic pause. “Your beauty surrounds you like a majestic aura.” 

“I don’t know what to say.” 

“How about ‘thank you?’ I find that quite effective.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Shall we have lunch before touring the palace?” 

The suggestion of food inspired a loud growl from Alina’s stomach. “How mortifying. Yes, I think lunch is a grand idea. There’s a restaurant here?” 

“There is a lovely cafe at the palace.” 

“This place is massive.” 

“All the King Louis’ had grandiose taste.” 

“I’d say. Now, lead me to this caf . I might have slept in this morning and skipped breakfast.” 

Oh, mon Dieu. Had I known, I would have fed you much sooner.”


February 14, 2022

Quote of the Week

Love is not for the faint of heart. When you find your person, make sure they love you and not the idea of you.

February 8, 2022


Q: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

A: A chance encounter in the great outdoors.


The sound of rustling trees caught his attention. He crouched down and froze in his tracks. A light breeze ruffled his dark hair, and a lock fell over his eyes. He swept it to the side and tilted his head. He spied nothing in the shadows, but his heightened sense of smell caught a hint of spicy perfume. His skin prickled, and every hair on his arms stood up. The fragrance surrounded him, caressing him like a sensual blanket. 

A pale leg stepped into view. Kurtis looked up and froze. His gaze settled on an iridescent face. Dee. Her eyes blazed with fire, a sharp contrast to her cold demeanor. Drawing Kurtis to his feet, she placed an elegant fingertip against his lips. 

“It took you long enough to get here.” 

Her words confused Kurtis. When had they made plans for a clandestine rendezvous? Duty waged war with his budding lust. He didn’t have time to fool around. The perimeter still needed surveying for intruders. Other than the sizzling hot creature currently holding him captive. 

A warning flashed in her eyes as she dared him to challenge her. Then her forceful kiss pushed away all coherent thought. She held his arms behind his back and crushed his body to hers. His heart pounded, heating his blood. A heavy fog surrounded him; its density threatened to suffocate him. He gasped for air. She let go of his arms, grabbing his hair with both hands. He still remained frozen. Even without physical restraint, she held him hostage. He fought against her control, yet the harder he fought, the deeper he sunk within her grasp. 

With a deep breath, he accepted the inevitable and surrendered to her masterful touch. They rose from the ground and circled in a dance-like fashion, faster and faster. The world blurred around him, like one fuzzy black curtain. He felt weightless and—against all logic—not dizzy. She ran her hands down his taut stomach, stroking her cold fingers across his chest. When she drew his shirt from the waistband of his worn jeans, his breath caught at her boldness. Yes. She pulled him closer, cradling his body with hers. He thrust his hips against her, adopting her rhythmic assault, seeking his release.


February 7, 2022

Quote of the Week

Love is in the air... wait a minute... that's just snow... Despite the groundhog's prediction of an early spring, we are still getting more snow. It's pretty and everything, but I've seen enough and I'm ready for spring.

There's just one more epic event before the spring equinox... Valentine's Day. And, in honor of this special holiday, the Quote of the Week this month is dedicated to... LOVE. <<wink>>

One of the most famous fictional couples, Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, steamed up the pages before they graced the silver screen. Equally matched in pride and passion, the reader/viewer held bated breath in anticipation of the inevitable match. I read Gone with the Wind at age 13, raging at Scarlett for not recognizing Rhett's true feelings and sighing over Rhett's swoon-worthy romantic lines alternating with his stark indifference.

February 1, 2022


Q: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

A: Taking a moonlit flight over the city.


She stood at the precipice, her hands lifted in the air, hair whipping in her face. Then she jumped. Not literally, of course. But she still had the sensation of falling through the air, with the gap between herself and the ground closing. There was no safety net. She'd taken a chance and now she was going to—

Swoosh. Fly through the air in the arms of a black-caped stranger. No, not a stranger, the arms of the man she loved. The half of herself she'd been searching for all her life. He caught her, stopped her free fall. And, for the first time, she felt completeness. 

I’ve never felt this way before. 

I know.

Melting into his kiss, she held onto his shoulders. He spun her around, she felt giddy with dizziness, drunk with emotion. There was no other way to describe it.


January 31, 2022

Quote of the Week

Captain America is my favorite Avenger. He's an all-around good guy. Honest, loyal, noble, dependable. A champion of freedom. An inspiration. A true hero.

He's selfless, willing to help others despite the risk. When the colonel throws a grenade at the recruits, pre-serum Steve Rogers jumps on it, not knowing it is a training grenade. He protects his fellow soldiers by his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.

He's determined. In the face of adversity, he gets up each time he gets knocked down. He is rejected by the army five times before Dr. Erskine sees him as a potential super-soldier serum candidate.

He's a natural leader. His integrity and strong convictions inspire his teammates. He encourages them to work well, train hard, and get along. He understands the strengths of each team member and helps them succeed. He commands loyalty and is loyal in return.

Captain America has a strong moral code and does what's right. He believes in using his powers for good. He's the first to stand up and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

January 25, 2022


If only your dreams could come true with a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo…

Becoming the legal guardian for his half-sisters puts a wrench in Drew's college plans. Photo-shopped nudes of Seraphina threaten her promising singing career.


Sounds like a job for a Fairy Godmother.