November 1, 2019


Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I have identified my antagonist Name To Be Determined as an ESTP. ESTP stands for Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving.

Key Characteristics

ESTPs are very observant and impulsive. They find solutions to problems quickly, without a lot of planning, and take immediate action. This behaviour is often seen as reckless, but ESTPs just make quick decisions based on their impressions and logic.

Cognitive Functions

Dominant: Extraverted sensing (Se)
ESTPs are realistic and learn through experience.

Auxiliary: Introverted thinking (Ti)
ESTPs combine their excellent observation skills with logic to determine solutions that they can immediately apply.

Tertiary: Extraverted feeling (Fe)
ESTPs enjoy being the centre of attention, but may suppress their own needs and feelings to keep others happy.

Inferior: Introverted intuition (Ni)
Although ESTPs may experience the occasional "gut reaction" to situations, this reaction is inaccurate enough times to lead them to believe that they do not have good instincts.

Personal Relationships

ESTPs enjoy being around other people. They are skilled at interpreting nonverbal communication.

Career Path

ESTPs need to work with other people. They are action-oriented and resourceful. They thrive in a fast-paced job that offers variety. Strong communication skills make ESTPs great candidates for jobs in sales and marketing. Careers favored by ESTPs include salespeople, first-responders, and police officers.

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