September 20, 2022


Featuring A Fairy's Quest, The Magicals Series Book Three...

Alina Lehrer is a fairy princess who wants to reclaim her stolen crown. Rylan Jackson is the assassin assigned to eliminate her. Fate has placed Alina and Rylan on opposing sides, but fate is not set in stone.

Featuring A Fairy Godmother's Redemption, The Magicals Series Book Four...

Drew Parker is headed to college when he becomes the legal guardian to his half-sisters. Seraphina Jacobs is a rising pop princess when photo-shopped nudes threaten her career. Sounds like a job for a Fairy Godmother.

Featuring A Magical's Gift, The Magicals Series Book Five...

Niall Warde is a carefree soul trapped in the rigid, ordered life of a wizard apprentice when he discovers the girl of his dreams is a fairy, sworn enemy to wizards. Amelie Ricard is an anthropology professor and newly realized fairy princess who must leave her baby and man she loves to protect them from her vengeful family. Thirty years later, Amelie and Niall reunite to save their son. Neither can change the past, but do they have a future together? Will their son unite their people in peace?

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Available September 27

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