January 5, 2021

Talking about New Year's Resolutions for #TirgearrTuesday

It's the "setting New Year's resolutions" time of year. Every year, I have good intentions to do the standard: lose weight; save money; get organized... This year is no different. But, this year, I view these resolutions as a reminder to constantly strive to be the best person I can be... if I need that reminder. Which I do. And it has less to do with short-term achievement—which is still a bonus—and more to do with reinforcing a lasting healthy habit. Health encompasses three parts—physical, mental, and financial—and achieving good health in all three categories takes work.

I've faced severe health issues for the last seven years. Mental health issues that present with awful physical symptoms. The inability to work and the pursuit of my human rights case which contribute to financial stress. It's a triple whammy, and unfortunately, something I can only hope to manage, not control. The last seven years, especially the five years I have been at home, have taught me a lot. I've increased my capacity to cope with the triple whammy. I've learned how to self-care. And I'm better equipped to face future uncertainty.

The future is always a bit uncertain. The control we have over our lives is not absolute, very susceptible to outside forces—like COVID—and we need the ability to roll with the punches and regroup when the occasion arises. I won't say I'm an expert—because I'm far from it—but I'm getting a little better at reacting each time the rug gets pulled out from under my feet.

Life is unpredictable and offers no guarantees. Probably why all my stories end happily-ever-after. In an uncertain world, I offer you hope. Besides, true love's kiss, hope is perhaps the most powerful thing in the world. Here's hoping for a better 2021.

Happy New Year!

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