January 12, 2021

Spotlight on Marisa Clements for #TirgearrTuesday


Marisa Clements, my heroine from A Vampire's Tale, Book #1 of The Magicals, was an interesting character to write. She just wouldn't stop talking. As a writer, I guess she had a lot of say. Oh, dear... I feel some introspection coming. Did I base this character on... me?

In a way, I imprint on all my characters. Writing has always been a therapeutic release for me so it makes sense that my characters become a self-reflection of sorts. Marisa chose to defy her parents, quit her "safe" job, and follow her dreams of becoming a fictional romance writer. Yikes. This is starting to feel a little... familiar.

Although I wasn't a defiant kid, by any means of the imagination, I did move in with my college boyfriend against my parent's wishes. They threatened to disown me and stop paying for my school, but that's not the way things panned out. I mean, they weren't happy about the turn of events, but they realized if they wanted to remain in my life, they had to accept it. My lifelong dream was to become a writer, but somewhere along the way I ended up getting a business degree and an office job. I didn't quit the "safe" job, but I did write the romance novel at age 32 or so. It's never too late to follow your dreams.

Courage is when you do the thing that you fear. Marisa demonstrated courage throughout this book. She risked parental approval and financial security when she quit her job. She opened her mind to the fantastical world of magicals when Corgan appeared in her life. She fought, against impossible odds, for the life she wanted.

Marisa makes cameo appearances in A Wizard's Choice, Book #2 (available now) and A Fairy's Quest, Book #3 (coming soon).

Interested in "meeting" Marisa? A Vampire's Tale is available now.

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