February 25, 2020


Five stars for A Vampire's Tale

“A Vampire’s Story” is not about the typical Hollywood vampire with which everyone is familiar. Corgan Halton sets the reader straight in telling his life’s story. Corgan is a well-written, full-bodied character who is brilliantly described in this tale. He has a lot of depth and grows even more as the story progresses. Marisa Clements is artistic and a wordsmith, the perfect biographer for Corgan. She can be hard-headed and tangled up with folk-tales about vampires, but she is loyal to Corgan. It is interesting to see how the “magicals” all interact in order to achieve a common goal when the wizards help to protect Marisa at Corgan’s bidding. The world building is excellent as we get to know Corgan’s lair, Marisa’s home, and Waldor’s abode. Another vampire, Dee, adds darkness as well as humor to this enlightening story of good and evil. An unusual story, a must read for vampire lovers everywhere!
Belinda, Amazon 

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