June 18, 2019


It's Tuesday again...and that means #TirgearrTuesday is happening. Check out your favorite Tirgearr titles on social media using the hashtag #TirgearrTuesday and get reading!

This week, I am featuring The Magicals Series.

A Vampire's Tale, Book #1
A Wizard's Choice, Book #2

Who are The Magicals?

In my books, The Magicals are any being, created or born, with paranormal aspects. Vampires and wizards were introduced in Book #1. I added fairies to the mix in Book #2.

As vampires, wizards, and fairies already exist in folk and pop culture, I took the liberty to form and present my own versions. In particular, there are many, often conflicting, thoughts on vampires. Before writing, I did a lot of research. I included the characteristics that I felt were the most consistent with my definition of a vampire and expanded on the customs and rituals of their society.

After all, good fiction must be believable...or at least plausible. What do you think?

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A Vampire's Tale: The Magicals Series, #1
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A Wizard's Choice: The Magicals Series, #2
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Kindle AU

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