August 12, 2015

10 Things About... @karinbaine1

My last guest in the '10 Things About Me' series was Madison Sevier. Thank you again for sharing, Madison, and, hopefully, having a bit of fun here at Maya's Musings!

Today, I am pleased to welcome... Karin Baine... This lovely author is best known for her recent release French Fling to Forever with Harlequin Mills & Boon® Medical Romance...

Let's see what Karin has to say...

10 Things About Karin Baine

 1. I have no sense of direction and will invest in a set of walking reins some day to prevent getting lost again.

2. With the amount of chocolate I eat I'm pretty sure my veins run with pure cocoa.

3. I used to paint miniature figurines for a living.

4. I have two sons with a metabolic disorder so I'm a dab hand at low protein baking.

5. I'm the Queen of Procrastination. I'm answering these questions now because I have a ton of housework and a book deadline I'm avoiding.

6. My notebook/pen obsession is starting to take over the house. I've recently progressed to document folders too…

7. I've had my driving licence for twenty years but refuse to drive on the motorway. Well, I'd probably never find my way home again!

8. I turn 40 this year. I'm not really bothered about it unless I'm expected to tidy up the house for a party.

9. I'm socially awkward. I hate parties. Or any occasion I have to change out of my onesie.

10. I've been bombarding Harlequin Mills & Boon® with manuscripts for years. I finally got my big break after last year's So You Think You Can Write competition.

Author Bio

Karin Baine lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, two sons, and her out-of-control notebook collection. Her mother and grandmother's vast collection of books inspired her love of reading and her dream of becoming a Harlequin Mills & Boon® author. It wasn't until she joined her critical group UCW that she started to believe she could actually write—and only her husband's support enabled her to pursue it. At least now she can tell people she has a proper job!

You can stalk Karin here:

Thanks, Karin, for joining us today... And do check out her debut novel French Fling to Forever (available from 27th August). Stay tuned for the latest installment of the '10 Things About Me' series...Next up Jinxie G... here on August 14th only on Maya's Musings...

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