May 1, 2015

How do you spell 'Scrabble'?

My mom taught me how to play Scrabble when I was a kid to help improve my spelling. We played Scrabble Junior first (the one where the words are already made up), then we graduated to the real Scrabble board game.

I've grown up quite a bit since those days, but I've realized real lessons can be learned from a game of Scrabble.

Three truths about Scrabble:
1. It does help improve spelling.
2. You need the right letters.
3. You need to find a place on the board.

I was playing Scrabble one night and I started comparing it to writing. How much depends on the ability to form the right words and place them correctly. You can have the best word out there, but it means nothing if there's no space on the board.

I play Scrabble by myself on my iPad, but we also have a Deluxe Edition. My husband is a big fan of the double and triple scores so I've only beat him a handful of times. Even when I have marvelously brilliant words! :)

I love the eloquence of the game. My challenge (other than to beat my husband) is to create a beautiful board, nicely spread out with words longer than three letters. I like getting the 'q' or the 'z' because they represent a unique challenge. And I like using all my letters first.

You can be the best Scrabble player (or writer) in the world, but the only words that count are the ones you put out there.

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