May 24, 2015

For Sexy Snippets - May 24, 2015

#SexySnippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday.

This is a #SexySnippet from Dream Hunter, my latest paranormal romance. This scene is between my heroine Cynthia and her guardian angel Gabe near the beginning of the story. Let's set the stage... In one day, Cynthia has found out there is a threat against her workplace and she has a guardian angel to protect her. A normally independent woman, Cynthia has a hard time accepting help, let alone protection, from someone else. Her reaction to his help is a confused mixture of gratitude and resentment. In this scene, Gabe has just told her he has retrieved some clothes and toiletries from her apartment for her stay.

Here are the seven sentences... Slightly amended to fit into the guidelines... Enjoy! :)

How dare he? Indignation shook her to the core. ...Before she could even open her mouth, he grabbed her shoulders with both his hands and smashed her lips against his.

“Mmph,” she protested with little resistance as he proceeded to nip her bottom lip, sending tremors all the way down to her toes. Her anger forgotten, she submitted to his arousing assault. With a soulful sigh, she relaxed against his muscular body. Appreciating the feel of the hard panes of his chest under her small hands and the way he trembled under her touch. 

Cynthia’s dreams are so real, they are actually coming true – complete with the prerequisite dream guy. But things are not as they seem.
Who said dreams are sweet?
Chicago businesswoman Cynthia Courtland is completely focused on her career when a sensual, reoccurring dream disrupts her orderly life. Then a threat against her workplace forces her to take time off. She is lost with nowhere to go--only her empty apartment.
Work is Gabe’s life too; he takes it very seriously and will do whatever it takes to succeed. He's been watching over Cynthia for a long time and he has her best interests at heart, but can he protect her from the danger she is blind to? When Cynthia insists on investigating the threat so she can get back to work, it makes Gabe's job all the more difficult.
When things settle, will there be more for them than a life filled with work? Will she give her dreams a chance to come true?


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  1. This made me sigh with appreciation. Great snippet.

  2. I'm with Kiru! That sudden kiss... Sigh. Great snippet!

  3. Lovely snippet, You've gotta love a man who takes what he wants :-)

  4. Thanks, guys, can't wait to read all the sexy snippets today!