January 12, 2015

Where am I going and how did I get here?

Do you ever think that?

Time is going by so quickly. I see the evidence daily in my growing boys. It won't be long before my oldest is taller than me. But am I the captain of my destiny or merely a sailboat caught in the wind?

There are so many things that need done on a daily basis. It doesn't leave much time for extras... Unfortunately writing falls into that category sometimes. We're obligated to go to work, buy groceries, do laundry, but there's no one enforcing the completion of our hobbies.

Hobbies are supposed to be fun! I love to write and it's one of the most relaxing hobbies I have. And for a Type A girl who considers 'relax' a four-letter word... Such activities are rare... To say the least...

When I thought out my resolutions, I considered my hobbies. I set myself some specific writing resolutions. The new year started off with a bang and I experienced a lot of momentum surrounding the release of my novella Dream Hunter! But I need to keep the momentum going! In addition to marketing and promoting Dream Hunter, I need to write! Which ironically gets my name out there and, indirectly, is marketing in itself.

My January goals were to enter a writing contest by the 16th (which I did) and completely self-edit and write a synopsis for my vampire book (which is in progress). I am on track. Sometimes with a resolution, or any type of goal for that matter, you need a little kick in the butt to get going! And keep going!

How are you doing with your resolutions?

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