January 9, 2015

Everything is Awesome

That's what The Lego Movie says.

We had our family movie tonight and we watched The Lego Movie. Just like every kids movie, this one had humorous material only the adults would get and a real home-hitting message - about creativity. As a writer, I am always looking for different creative avenues to explore. Watching a movie like this one inspires me to be creative. I think it's all the perky music and bright colors.

Plus it's a safe bet that my two little boys will want to play Lego tomorrow. :) And that's always a lot of fun. I like to make houses with furniture and a flower garden. My boys build space ships and monster trucks. But we can all create together.

Whether you build with Lego or words, I hope you have a creative (and awesome) week!

Check out this video on YouTube:


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