January 31, 2015

Marketing 102

The review is king (or queen).

Whether you're talking books or widgets (see my post 'Marketing 101'), a good review sells a product. A recommendation goes a long way. So my next step (already underway) is requesting honest reviews for my book. My publisher provided me with a list of sites and I've done some research through Facebook and Twitter. I've kept a list of my requests as well. Lesson learned: many sites have waiting lists and take 6-8 weeks for a review. If you get an 'ARC' (advanced review copy), my advice is send it to every reviewer you find ASAP.

A book review request is a little like a first date. You don't jump in and propose marriage before the salad arrives. You get to know the person and build a relationship. It's easy when there's a request form to complete online. It's a little trickier in an email. Think of it like a job application. You send a tailored cover letter and resume to a prospective employer and hope you get an interview.

If you take anything away from this post, please consider the importance of the review. The next time Amazon sends you an email asking you to review a product you just purchased, please spend the 30 seconds required to post a review.


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