February 1, 2022


Q: What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?

A: Taking a moonlit flight over the city.


She stood at the precipice, her hands lifted in the air, hair whipping in her face. Then she jumped. Not literally, of course. But she still had the sensation of falling through the air, with the gap between herself and the ground closing. There was no safety net. She'd taken a chance and now she was going to—

Swoosh. Fly through the air in the arms of a black-caped stranger. No, not a stranger, the arms of the man she loved. The half of herself she'd been searching for all her life. He caught her, stopped her free fall. And, for the first time, she felt completeness. 

I’ve never felt this way before. 

I know.

Melting into his kiss, she held onto his shoulders. He spun her around, she felt giddy with dizziness, drunk with emotion. There was no other way to describe it.


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