February 2, 2021

Celebrate love for #TirgearrTuesday

 Love doesn't usually happen at first sight. Unless you are Corgan Halton, an ancient vampire who can see the future.

Their stories had merged. When had he first seen her? The images rolled in her mind. She had summoned them this time.

There she was, running across the grass in front of an old, stone building. Fallen leaves crunched under her feet. She tripped on a stick concealed by the foliage, and fell to the ground, losing a book in the process.

She remembered that day. She'd been late for something. Class maybe?

The day had been full of mishaps. First the trip in the grass, then later she'd spilled coffee on herself. All she needed was one more bad thing to happen, and she was going to head back to the dorm and hide out in bed. The rest of the day went smoothly. She bought more coffee, went to class, grabbed some dinner at the residence dining hall, and went to the library.

She stood at the book return counter.

“What are you talking about?” She shuffled through the pile of books on the counter. “That book is not late. I had all the books in my bag all day. It's gotta be here.”

“Well, it's not here now, is it?” The librarian slid her glasses down her nose and stared at Marisa. “You'll need to pay the late fee before you can borrow any more books.”

“Is this what you're looking for?” a masculine voice asked. He placed the missing book on the counter.

“Yes.” Marisa twirled around toward the sound of his voice. “Wherever did you find it?”

Her Good Samaritan was gone.

It was you.


How did you know about my book?

I had a vision… about you. I wanted to meet you.

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