January 14, 2020


An excerpt from A Wizard's Choicewhen my protagonist Kurtis Warde meets the protagonist of my work-in-progress Alina Lehrer...


Behind a polished wooden desk sat a petite woman with bright green eyes and blonde hair. She walked around the desk, extending her hand to Kurtis. “Alina Lehrer. Nice to meet you, Mr. Warde.”

“Kurtis.” His heartbeat pounded in his ears. What the hell am I doing here?

“Kurtis.” She welcomed him, inviting him to sit. When he chose one of the armchairs, she settled onto the other. “Here at Vibrant Life, we hold your privacy with the highest of respect. Before we begin our session, I’d like you to read and sign our confidentiality agreement.”

Kurtis took a minute to read the document, found it to be pretty standard, and signed it.

Alina placed the signed agreement on her desk and sat back down. “Tell me a little about why you made an appointment.”

“Don’t you already know?”


The Magicals Series

A Vampire's Tale, Book 1
A Wizard's Choice, Book 2

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