February 15, 2019

Romance 2.0

I love love. Every since I was a little girl. From my first fairy tale to my first crush. To say I am a romantic—perhaps even hopeless—would be pretty accurate. I believe in soulmates, true love, fate, destiny... I believe in love.

It should come as no surprise that I also love to read and write romance novels. And enjoy a movie or TV show with a love story. Michael Bolton got it right. "Love is a wonderful thing." Love gives me hope for the future. A world without love would be a pretty dismal place indeed.

February—the love month—gets me thinking about all kinds—romance, love, hearts, flowers, and a zillion other—stereotypical Valentine's Day things. I've been thinking about romance as a genre.


Did you read my last two blog posts?


Last week, I mused about the romance novel. That got me thinking about what subgenres (types of romance novels), themes, and tropes (plot devices) I enjoy to read... and what themes and tropes I've actually used in my writing... and what I'd like to write in the future.


I read mainly historical and paranormal books... even better when the book is both historical and paranormal... like a time-travel romance. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning.

Themes I enjoy? I love a good Highlander or regency romance. The Naked Nobility series by Sally Mackenzie is fantastic. I own the series in paperback and e-book. Time-travel? Yes, please. I like a non-cheesy vampire or an alpha shifter. I've developed a recent fascination with dominance and submission. I've read E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. If that's not your particular cup of tea, there are many others I'd recommend. Club Sin series by Stacey Kennedy. Redemption series by Sarah Castille.

Tropes I enjoy? Retold fairytales, marriage of convenience, fake relationships, reformed rake / playboy, redemption / tortured hero or heroine, soul mates / fate.


I write mainly paranormal romance, but I have dabbled in some contemporary, my initial foray into the world of romance. What tropes do I write?

Contemporary romance
Fly Boy, my recent Chapters: Interactive Stories TapTale [playboy / alpha hero / mistaken identity]

Paranormal romance
Dream Hunter [protector / redemption]
A Vampire's Tale [tortured hero / protector / redemption / virgin]

Future Books

A Wizard's Choice [tortured hero / dominance / love triangle]

I have many stories left to tell... Stay tuned for a retold fairytale or a conspiracy theory / person in peril.

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