April 3, 2020

Just Another Day in the Life

It’s the topic on everyone’s mind and social media feed.

Covid-19 or the Coronavirus has been the source of much anxiety, and even panic, these last few months. I’ve seen more jokes and memes and re-purposed songs. Humour is a great coping device. It distracts us from the very sobering reality that is our world now. We are at war. The enemy is a virus. We are all fighting for our lives. For a piece of normalcy. Armed with hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes (or your “weapon” of choice).

Slowly, bit by bit, pieces of our normal lives have been eroded away. March break was extended by two weeks. Now, we are told school will be closed until at least May 3. Public gatherings are now restricted to five. Only essential businesses are open. Our local forest trails are closed.

How have you been coping? At the beginning of March break, I optimistically started in on my huge list of outstanding projects. But, only a few days in, I became too anxious to do anything. I have the time, but not the right mindset. This pandemic is exasperating my pre-existing mental health issues. I want to write. I’d love to finish my two work-in-progresses. But it’s not happening right now. Not today anyway.

I’m still looking for the positive. The good things about sheltering-in-place... I’ve spent more time with my kids. I’ve caught up on a decade’s worth of Disney movies on Disney Plus. I’ve been reading a lot (an essential hobby for writers). Thank goodness for eBooks. Zero wait time for delivery.

Today is another day.

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