July 26, 2019

One Question for Author W.F. Ranew

A warm welcome to W.F. Ranew, our next guest of the Maya's Musings Summer Series of 2019—One Question Author Interviews.

Question: What is your favorite childhood book?

Answer: Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain always has been my favorite book. There are several reasons. Ranking first is the fact my father read the book to me at bedtime over many nights when I was in first grade.

Also, Twain captured the American saga so well at a time when the country teemed with opportunity and adventure. The writer's humor also entertained me as a child and does so even now. Finally, Twain was a newspaper reporter, and his writings inspired me—along with my editor father—to go into journalism and become a writer.

Rich and Gone

Wealthy businessman Woody Cunningham has it all. But he wants more. He bilks $300 million from family and friends, and stashes the cash offshore. PI Red Farlow is hired to find the man and the money. Is Cunningham dead, or merely rich and gone?

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