July 12, 2019

One Question for Author Garth Pettersen

Our next guest is Garth Pettersen. Welcome, Garth, to the Maya's Musings Summer Series of 2019—One Question Author Interviews. You can learn a lot about a person by asking the right questions. Or, in this case, the right question. :)

Question: Which is your favorite season to write in, and why?

Answer: My favourite season to write in is winter. My wife and I have a hobby farm where we board horses raise chickens, and in spring and summer the workload increases. In winter I don't have the urge to charge outside and get things done. Good writing time.

The Dane Law

Had the hermit not found him under the fallen oak bough, soaked by the rain, he would never have regained consciousness. When he awakens days later, his memories come half-formed and out of order. He pictures a lovely woman he cares for deeply, and a bowman he loathes and wishes to kill. Recurring in his thoughts is the name of a place he must get to before something dire happens--Fiergen, a place the hermit has never heard of. 

            Such is the plight of Harald, second son of King Cnute, returning to England from captivity in Eire, as he sets out to find the fair-haired woman who owns his heart. Do his foes follow close behind? Or do they lie in wait on the road to Fiergen?

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