May 10, 2019

Bad Things Happen

Life is filled with many events—good and bad—beyond our control. Every experience helps form you into the person you are today.

No one chooses voluntarily for bad things to happen to them. I know I didn't. I confess to asking "Why me?" a time or twelve. But I'm a different person now than I was six years ago. I'm stronger.

I could've lived without the decimation of my core values and deterioration of my health. But will it happen again? Hell, no.


HBO's Game of Thrones (GOT) took a bit of flack for Sansa Stark's comments to The Hound in Season 8, Episode 4. A lot of really horrible, disturbing things happened to the 'Sansa Stark' character. George RR Martin has taken "kill your darlings" to a whole new level. No character on GOT has survived to Season 8 unscathed.

The fact is bad things happen. Even downright heinous and unspeakable things happen. But the key is not to accept it. When we accept that fill-in-the-blank "happens everywhere," something truly revolting happens. Tolerance. Condonement. Indifference.

Continue to be shocked by the bad things. The alternative is worse.

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