March 29, 2019

Camp Nanowrimo?

To write or not to write.

I’ve been debating about Camp Nanowrimo this year. I still have a few days to decide... Last November was my first official Nanowrimo, and I finished my book A Wizard’s Choice (release date July 2019). It was an intensive, crazy, nothing-but-writing kind of month. I think I ate, slept, wrote, and bought Christmas presents. Yeah. I even delayed starting the latest season of Outlander. I know.

Do I want to do that again in April? I have a bunch of projects-writing and non-writing-on the go so a concentrated effort on the writing front wouldn’t hurt. That’s for sure. But April also means income taxes and book edits and better weather.

So, I’m on the fence about Camp Nanowrimo.

I printed off the daily goal calendar yesterday. I thought about penciling in some word count targets. It doesn’t have to add to 50k... Lord knows I started A Wizard’s Choice long before November. Maybe I’ll go for 1K every few days? Maybe I’ll count research as a goal?

Anything, any tool, any writing holiday, any moment I’m breathing on this fine earth can be a potential writing incentive. Maybe Camp Nanowrimo is the kick in the butt I need to put some words to paper.

Stay tuned.

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