March 22, 2019

A Balancing Act

Fear is a huge motivator. It prevents us from taking action. It causes us to take certain precautions. It works to keep us safe. Fear is an important emotion. It can also be extremely deceptive. Our fears convince us to see monsters where there are none. We jump at shadows. We avoid living. We allow fear to paralyze us.

How to find the balance between protection and paralysis?

In a perfect world—which, of course, doesn't exist—the protecting agent that is fear would only kick in when needed and exit peacefully when the need passed.

Living in a perfectly non-perfect world, I struggle with my fears. I imagine I’m not alone in this. As a writer, I draw on my feelings for two reasons... at least... writing helps me understand myself better and (hopefully) gives my characters more depth.

I have more questions than answers. That’s why my blog is a “musing” and not a “FAQ”. The deeper I dig, the less I understand. Like an iceberg, much lies concealed beneath the surface.

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