December 14, 2018

Books: Paper, Electronic, or Audio?

I started reading when one option existed for books. Paper. I still read a physical book. If I'm buying a book I'll reread, I buy a physical book. But, most of the time, I read e-books. I love the convenience. Not forgetting to renew my library books or return them on time. Bringing a book or twenty with me on vacation. Searching. Highlighting. Knowing how many pages are left in my chapter (without counting).

Audio books are fairly new to me. I'm listening to my second audio book. I borrowed it from the library because the book wasn't available in electronic format. Listening to a book is definitely a different experience than reading it yourself. My kids love when I read to them... Although, perhaps they just don't want to read themselves, and listening to me is the lesser of two evils... I can read in my head so much faster than I (or anyone else) can read out loud. For that reason alone, I don't prefer books in audio format.

I see the appeal of audio books. We have commuter friends who swear by the audio book. Really, anything that supports authors, books, and reading is a good thing in my book. Oops! Sorry about the book pun...

Which format do you prefer? What are you reading right now?

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