March 9, 2018

Reading Down Memory Lane

I love books.

I've spent many happy hours in libraries and bookstores.

I'm guilty of reading "one more chapter" more than once.

You share my love of reading. You know the joy of holding a new book in your hands. The familiar musk from the yellowed pages of an old tome. The crisp pages of a new release. The limitless possibilities that await within every page.

I've had the recent pleasure of sharing some of my childhood favorites with my sons. In the Wayside School books, we met Mrs. Jewls and her students from the 30th floor. We met Peter Hatcher in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing—his brother Fudge—yes, Fudge—and their neighbors Jimmy and Sheila. That led to more books from the Fudge series. After we finish Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Ramona Quimby is ready to join the party. I hope the boys like her as much as Peter...

New favorites await us as well... Louis Sacher's Holes and Small Steps are in our TBR stack. The movie Holes was amazing!

We picked up the five Percy Jackson stories from the last book order. I must confess, I'm enjoying them as much as the kids!

Not every book has been a winner with the boys. The Magician's Nephew was a bit scary, and I couldn't hold their attention with Anne of Green Gables. The boys didn't really get Amelia Bedelia so I reread some of her antics by myself in the children's section of the town library—on a little chair.

It never hurts to try new things, especially stories. I dream of the day we all sit quietly and read—even though a more likely scenario is me reading while the boys —not so quietly—play Minecraft.

What childhood favorites are on your list to revisit or share with your kids?

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