September 16, 2016

Football Season

Can't say I'm much of a football fan, but my husband is. And for that reason, and whoever invented Fantasy Football, I love football season! I also love spending quality time with my husband and kids, don't get me wrong. But when you're a mom, there is no such thing as "free" time. There's collapsing in bed the minute the kids go to sleep and passing out in front of the TV. There's that sweet time in the morning when you know you can press snooze one more time before you get up. There's the brief quiet time in the morning before the kids wake up, but it's spent making coffee, packing lunches, and making breakfast. I don't know if that really counts.

One look at their precious faces makes it all worth it. Until the fighting begins... No one can push buttons like a sibling! My kids are good kids, but they do fight. They use words, they use fists... They still use teeth on occasion... Then there's what the boys call 'punishment' which is essentially retailiation for whatever the other brother did. And usually the one who 'finishes' it is the one who gets in trouble. But they're awesome, really. And, despite the fighting, they're best friends. We have a lot of fun together as a family!

So why am I so excited about the return of NFL? While my husband watches quarterbacks get sacked, running backs run, and tight ends do whatever tight ends do, I have time to write. Time where I'm not emotionally and physically drained. This is my "writing" season.

This season I plan to finish my prequel to Dream Hunter. As you may remember, I was in the process of writing a prequel. Well... I wanted to make it a bit longer and fine tune the POV transitions. So... I cut and pasted the story into two parts. I plan to write the book in two separate pieces, then combine the two to make up the entire book. It might be a little unconventional... But I'm really hoping it works. If it does work, then my next project is a sequel to A Vampire's Tale (set for publication by Tirgearr Publishing in early 2017). All I have is a title so far, but, as I was writing A Vampire's Tale, two of my characters kept asking me to write their story. And who am I to refuse?

That's how it is. You can't summon the muse on command, but mine knows once my husband has drafted his Fantasy Football leagues (yes, he's in two leagues) it means football season is upon us and it's time to get writing!

So start the play... Run the ball... Score the touchdown... And (for me) get down to some serious writing!

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