August 5, 2016

My Favorite... Music with Ashley Scott

What Inspires Me to Write

What inspires anyone to write? Is it a familiar face or an idea popping into one’s head? My inspiration is music. Not just any music but…instrumental music. When I was younger, these types of songs would lure me into sleep—the opposite reaction of what happens now. Now I feel invigorated with the heavenly sound of instruments entering my thinking space. Since a few months ago, their sweet harmonies and lilts have tugged at my heartstrings and my mind.

I didn’t realize how focused I was when I began listening to the duets and symphonies of classical music. Without the lyrics to a song interrupting my thoughts, the music helps me gather ideas and to ponder different avenues in my stories. Upon this discovery, I decided to experiment, don’t we all? One evening I listened to orchestra music from my TV. My fingers glided across the keys of my keyboard, welcoming the soothing and enriched music. Several hours passed until I noticed how much I was able to write. Low and behold my eyes rescanned the pages littered with words, my words, and I almost fell out of my chair! I couldn’t believe it! I managed to type several pages of good work, not poor writing where I’d have to travel back and reread the pages a thousand and one times to edit things, but good solid writing. I was so impressed with myself that I trialed another evening with instrumental music and the same thing happened again. I managed to type another chapter in my story! Being so thrilled at discovering something new that assists me with thinking of grand story schemes, I decided to continue this habit. Soon I realized that I was half way through my novel. Another month passed and I finished. I actually finished my novel. I held my laptop up off my desk, kissed its dusty screen and wanted to shout to the heavens. I have done it! I have written a complete novel which will soon be self published online. I will soon reach one of my goals in life: to become an author. Music inspires me to write. 

About the Author

Ashley Scott is her pen name. She loves relaxing in her house with her husband, dog, and two cats in Maine. She enjoys anything to do with the outdoors, reading, and spending time with friends and family. There are always story ideas roaming around in her mind waiting to be wrestled onto paper. If you wish to contact her please email her at or message her on Facebook. 

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