July 31, 2015

10 Random Thoughts from @mayatylerauthor

My mind never rests. Relaxing on my patio the other day, I had these random thoughts. What kinds of random thoughts do you have? Post in the comments.

1. The flight path of a fly is erratic.
2. Putting laundry on a clothesline is very rewarding.
3. High school never ends. You always encounter people who act like they never left.
4. A little wind can really impact the weather.
5. Someday never comes.
6. Summer rain smells better.
7. Ants are real survivors.
8. The Internet still amazes me.
9. The world is very messed up.
10. Lego is the best toy ever.

In the spirit of lists of 10, stay tuned in August here at Maya's Musings for 7 fabulously talented authors revealing 10 things about themselves...

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