August 10, 2014

Third week in a row

Jetsetter that I am... We returned from Las Vegas on Tuesday and I went back to work on Thursday. Then, on Friday, we decided to go camping. This summer has wrecked havoc with my carefully planned blog schedule. Fridays. What's so hard about that?

Summer plans have made a Friday blog difficult to post. I could prepare it in advance, but I find a refreshing honesty in typing whatever comes to mind on the day I post. It seems more real. This summer I've been on two trips that required air travel and those vacations really monopolized my time. Vacations are awesome, but honestly sometimes I just would like 5 minutes to myself to read or write. Beyond a short story I posted on The Nuthouse Scribblers, I haven't written more than 5k on my WIP all summer.

In between trips, I had edits for my novella and a guest blog to write. I've been swamped. And I don't know what takes up all my time. Since the weather turned nice, it certainly is not housework. On my last trip, I had a fleeting thought that if the plane went down, my house is an utter mess. Okay, not quite that bad... But you get the point...

I have a half finished scrapbook from our March break trip to Disney, arts and crafts from my kids' school year to organize, pictures from Vegas to sort and put in a slideshow with music. This doesn't even include my writing projects. And now a houseful of camping gear to clean and put away. And what am I doing now??? Blogging in my bathing suit in the driveway after some time in the sprinkler with the boys. :) What can I say??? You gotta make hay when the sun shines!

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