September 10, 2021

Google Search Tips

Research is a necessary evil which makes Google a writer's best friend. I recently came across some tips for improving the efficiency of my internet searches. So, instead of falling into the black hole of the amazing invention called the internet, I can find what I'm looking for and get back to writing.

1. Use "quotation marks" to search for an exact word or group of words.

2. Exclude a word by putting a hyphen in front of it quotation -marks to exclude the word marks from your search.

3. Use asterisks to leave a placeholder that the search engine will fill in later quotation *marks*.

4. Use a colon to search a particular site quotation

5. Use a vertical bar | instead of typing OR quotation | marks.

6. Use two periods between numbers to indicate a range 1980..2000.

7. Use location to narrow your search quotation location:Canada.

8. Filter by filetype by using quotation filetype:pdf.

There are many other useful tips out there. Which have you used? What tips can you add to the list?

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