April 9, 2021

Dimensions of Character

I am a beginner, a novice. No matter how long I write or how many books I complete, each experience is different. My process is very character-based. They are in charge, no matter what I think when I first sit down at my laptop, fingers poised over the keyboard. They never let me forget it. My goal is to help them fulfill their destiny.

Two-dimensional notes physical characteristics. Alina from A Fairy's Quest has blonde hair and green eyes. Three-dimensional includes personality traits. Words like independence and loyal describe Alina. But, four-dimensional... That's when you become immersed into the character. You become Alina. You sense everything she senses. I bring you into her world where her fears, hopes, and dreams become yours.

In this book, in particular, I relied on sensory input to present her flashbacks. Writing devices like dreams, flashbacks, and premonitions may seem confusing to the reader. Especially if the experience is confusing to the character. Alina couldn't understand or control her flashbacks.



    Alina trailed closely behind, muttering softly to herself. They walked through the poorly lit tunnel, following its numerous twists. The dank smell of the unused passageway clung to her nostrils. Only the ceaseless, nagging fear kept her moving forward. Despite the dim light, her head continued to throb incessantly. Every part of her being wanted to stop, stomp her feet, and ask how much farther. She resisted the temptation. The faster they went, the closer she’d be to the exit and the fresh air she craved. The odorous space didn’t seem to bother Rylan as he trudged ahead. The silent trek gave Alina plenty of time to second-guess her decision to follow Rylan. And pretty much every decision she’d made since…
    A sharp pain sliced through Alina’s head. Her smile faded as the images invaded her thoughts like a shaky, poorly shot video. Oh no, not now. 

    She watched herself step outside the cottage and freeze as the unfamiliar sensation of a cold gun butt touched her temple. Everything around her slowed to a crawl. Her vision blurred as she scanned the yard for Kurtis. The sounds of clanging weapons and the thud of successful punches and kicks filled the air. She squeezed her eyes shut. 

    She gasped for air. Her chest vibrated with sharp pain. The darkness acted like a sponge, absorbing her energy, her very essence. She had the unpleasant sensation of falling through the sky. Falling, falling. With no end in sight. 
    “I’m not good in dark places.” She licked her dry lips. “I don’t feel well.” 
    “Stay with me.” He reached for her hand. “If memory serves me right, it is not much farther.”


Through a series of flashbacks, I wanted to transport the reader into Alina's world. I hoped to convey a feeling of her helplessness and demonstration of her true strength.

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