October 9, 2020

Coming Soon to an eReader Near You (or Yours)

Anyone feel bad for Alina at the end of A Wizard's Choice, The Magicals Series, Book 2? I did. Characters, like children, often go their own way, making unexpected, er wrong, choices... When Kurtis picked Dee, I was blindsided. After all, I had handpicked his love interest from the beginning. Dee was the wrong choice for him. She was a selfish creature who used Kurtis and cast him aside without a second thought. Yet, Kurtis and Dee couldn't stay away from each other.

At the end of Book 2, Alina gets the 'Dear Jane' speech from Kurtis. She walks away from him, but I could imagine the range of emotions she must have experienced, including feeling all kinds sorry for herself. I set out to find her soulmate.

Alina's story continues in Book 3 as she embarks on a quest to reclaim the fairy crown stolen from her family more than a century ago and, you know, finds true love.

And you'll be able to read it soon as I just signed a book contract with Tirgearr Publishing!


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