October 4, 2019

Character Description

Okay, it's October. Time to start preparing for NaNoWriMo. Am I doing it again? Yes! Yes, I am. Definitely, yes. I recently found #findingthegraypreptober and thought these daily challenges might make fun blog posts...

October 1: Describe a preptober focus character. What do they care about most?

Meet Alina Lehrer. I first introduced the fairy Alina in A Wizard's Choice, The Magicals Series Book 2. She uses her special gifts, including extrasensory perception (ESP), aura readings, enhanced awareness, and clairvoyance, in her work as a life coach at Vibrant Life Incorporated.

I designed a logo for Alina's company using Canva. I had originally planned to make Alina the love interest for my main character Kurtis Warde, but Kurtis had other ideas. Alina did develop feelings for Kurtis and, for a while, it seemed like he had feelings for her as well. We—Alina, Kurtis, and me—were all terribly surprised when Kurtis ended up pursuing a different love interest. I had been so certain Alina and Kurtis were meant for each other. I even included Alina on Kurtis' family tree.

[I made the family tree in Word so the conversion to jpg came out a little fuzzy.]

In A Wizard's Choice, Alina wants her independence, which includes breaking the contract for an arranged marriage, to start her own company. Later, as her company is more established, she envisions finding love. When she meets Kurtis, he becomes a very viable candidate. He's handsome, intelligent, and connected. Kurtis is a wizard with important familial connections that have the necessary influence to end a long-time fairy-wizard feud. Alina has a vested interest in ending the feud. She wants to reclaim the crown her family lost when the feud first began.

Which leads me to what my character Alina Lehrer cares about most. She wants to restore her family to their rightful place in the fairy monarchy.

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