September 22, 2017

Happy Book Birthday, A Vampire's Tale!

Six months ago, Tirgearr Publishing released my second paranormal romance novel. To celebrate, Writer Marketing Services has organized a month-long Birthday Bash Blitz! Check out all the stops listed at

A Vampire's Tale is a story about a story. This particular tale belongs to Corgan Halton, a vampire set to disprove Hollywood’s misconceptions about vampires, before he ends his existence. He selects Marisa Clements—an aspiring, paranormal author—to write about his life. With Corgan’s ability to see the future, he knows Marisa will be involved in his death and his presence in her life will place her in grave danger. 

Why a Book about Vampires?

It all starts with an idea. Before writing A Vampire’s Tale, I had never considered writing a vampire book. Why now? Like my character, vampire Corgan Halton, I find the Hollywood vampire, re-invented over and over is, at times, unbelievable and inconsistent. Still, we are fascinated with each interpretation. Hollywood has definitely romanticized vampires. I think the allure, the attraction, is the flirtation with danger. If you think about what a vampire is—undead, blood drinking, human killing machine—romance really doesn’t come to mind.

Like any tragic hero, a vampire’s back story is what fascinated me. And I wondered. If vampires were real, what would they really be like?

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