June 2, 2017

#authorinterview on Fabulous and Brunette

Thank you again to Goddess Fish Promotions and all the wonderful hosts who I visited during my virtual book tour.

Here's my author interview with Fabulous and Brunette.

About A Vampire’s Tale:

First off such a hot and intriguing book cover!  Tell us how it came about.
It’s an amazing cover - I am so happy with it! The process started with a cover art information form. The form was an opportunity for me to have specific input into the design and to give the designer information about my book and its characters. I included details about their appearances, adding links to pictures of models who resembled the people I imagined; I described the various settings in the book; I gave examples of other covers I liked; and I noted things I explicitly did not want. The designer took all the information I provided and sent me some drafts for comment. The cover I picked, with some very minor tweaks, is the gripping cover you see today.

What 3-5 words would you use to describe your book?
Believe in the impossible.

What is your favorite chapter or section of the book?
There is a scene in chapter two when the hero Corgan saves the heroine Marisa from two men attempting to assault her. He comes to protect her and carries her off to safety. This scene is a favorite of mine. It begins with a tense, potentially volatile, situation and ends with a romantic rescue. Corgan literally sweeps Marisa off her feet.


Surrounded by the safety of his strong arms, she had complete faith in him. She leaned into his embrace and sighed.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.


“Hold on.”

He scooped her up in his arms and floated into the air. His black cape swirled around him as they rose higher. Then they soared over the city, high above the buildings.

“Wow. I had no idea.” As he flew through a wet cloud, she snuggled closer. “Don't drop me, okay?”

He chuckled, a deep and throaty sound, as if she amused him. “I'll try not to, little one.”

“Well, try hard, mister. I'm too pretty to fall from the sky and smash on the sidewalk.”

“Yes, it would be a shame to mar your pretty face.”

Returning below the clouds, he lowered them onto a curved, marble balcony.

I love the heart-stopping, breath-taking feeling I get when I imagine them flying over the city.

As this book has many vampire references, what kind of research did you do for this book?
Extensive. <<lol>> There are an amazing number of websites on vampires, wizards, and all things supernatural. It goes beyond fantasy; some sites take the subject matter very seriously.

My Vampire Creation: In developing my own version of a vampire, I selected the characteristics (from books, TV shows, and movies) which made the most logical, and consistent, sense to me and combined them, and others I found through Internet research, to create Corgan Halton.

Vampire Rituals and Relationships: Do vampires marry? Have children? Live with families? During the writing of my book, I asked these, and other, questions. I found answers and I incorporated them, and other figments of my imagination, into my story.

Other supernaturals: In my book, Corgan has a standing agreement with a circle of wizards. I knew nothing about wizards so more research was required. And, from the enormous amount of information out there, I essentially created my own version of a wizard as well.

Give us an interesting fun fact about your book.
The male model on the cover is handsome Vikkas Bhardwaj, check him out (and his other book covers) at http://www.vikkaszone.com.

About Your Writing and Reading Habits:

As an author, what is your favorite word you love to include in your books?
Okay, I’m guessing “was,” “wasn’t,” and “!” don’t count? <<lol>> I actually have two words I like to use… I like the phrase “play chicken.” For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it basically refers to the situation where two drivers head toward each other on a collision course and one driver must swerve or they take the risk that one or both may face injury or death. The driver who moves out of the way first is called a “chicken.”

He walked over and cupped her chin. His gaze bore through her eyes, but she wouldn't dream of looking away. If he wanted to play chicken, she was game.

I used this phrase in my first book Dream Hunter as well.

Do you write your books with a pen or type writer or computer?
Laptop. Or iPad. I can type faster and longer than I can write using a pen. I guess I’m out of practice with pen writing… it’s been a while since my days of taking “mad-scribblings” during a university lecture… and hoping I could read my writing later when it was time to study for the final exam.

For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?
I love the smell and feel of a “real” book, but I enjoy the convenience of an ebook. At any one time, I have about a dozen novels on my phone. Gone are the days of packing several, heavy books into your suitcase, although baggage weight was probably more lenient back then? I have a book or two or ten with me all the time.

What book(s) are you currently reading?
I’m in the middle of Lords Seldom Play Fair, a collection of historical romances.

About You:

What is your favorite motivational phrase?
There are so many inspiring quotes to choose from… I feel encouraged by the lyrical quote from Confucius, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Never trying is the recipe for failure. Persistent trying is the recipe for success.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My family. It certainly isn’t the alarm clock app on my phone… although I recently changed my ring tone to Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” so at least I have an awesome song to sing along with…

What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
I love ice cream, but I don’t have a favorite… I’m picturing myself in the line at the ice cream parlor, a block from the beach, that’s only open during summer. It’s a little shop where you enter through one door, view all the ice cream selections as you walk toward the cash register, and exit through the other door. I’m selecting strawberry cheesecake, two scoops in a cup – cones make me thirsty – and a “baby” cone, soft serve vanilla in a super small cone, for my shih tzu Buddy. My boys want vanilla and strawberry and my husband picks mint chocolate.

What is your favorite TV show?
If I had to pick one, it would be “Friends.” I have watched it from start to finish at least three times and I am in the process of watching it through again. I’m in Season Five now. Thank you, Netflix.

What is your favorite movie?
The Princess Bride. I can recite every line and I often quote it. I still own the DVD. And I have the book and the movie soundtrack.

Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?
Princess Diana. I admired her greatly. From the romantic storybook wedding to a prince to her amazing humanitarian efforts. Her death was a tragedy, grieved by the entire world.

Connecting With Fans/Conclusion:

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
If you have a story to tell, write it. Write it for yourself. If you want to be a writer, be a writer.
What's next for you? What are you working on now?
I have a sequel to A Vampire’s Tale and a prequel to my first book Dream Hunter in the works. I blog (fairly) regularly at Maya’s Musings http://mayatylerauthor.blogspot.ca and I keep my Events and Announcements page http://www.mayatylerauthor.com on my website current.
Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?
I love to hear from readers!

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