June 10, 2016


Today I joined countless other aspiring writers longing to publish their work when I tweeted my 140 character pitches in #PitMad. Being published, after all, is the ultimate affirmation, confirmation that your work is good and other people are interested in reading it. As a writer, having your work read is the ultimate goal. This was my first #PitMad but it won't be the last... It was a well run, fast track approach to querying. A way to get noticed by agents and editors and, hopefully, move to the top of the pile.

Writing a book comes with its own challenges, but once you have a polished manuscript... Publishing is the next hurdle to cross. Social media, in general, has changed the way we do things. We are connected in a way I never dreamed possible. Imagine I was resistant to trying Twitter at first and now I use it to connect, promote myself and my work, and today I used it to query my latest work.

It's a whole new world for writers. First the typewriter was replaced by the computer, then snail mail was replaced by e-mail, and now this! The world is constantly upgrading. I remember a time before the Internet and smart phones, when you used a set of encyclopedias for research and only read print books. I remember TV commercials. Life before Netflix. I'm 35. Life moves quickly. There is so much information out there to absorb.

It goes to show how powerful words can be. When you can only use 140 characters, you need to make every one count.

Thank you to the organizers and participants of #PitMad for an incredible experience. Fingers crossed that a publisher will pick up my latest work.

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