September 20, 2015

A #sexysnippet from The Guardians by @mayatylerauthor

My paranormal romance Dream Hunter is about an ordinary woman, Cynthia, living an uneventful life until she literally meets the man of her dreams, her very own guardian angel, Gabe.

I instantly fell in love with my characters! Cynthia is a spunky, career-driven, determined go-getter. Once her mind is made up, there is nothing on earth that can stop her. Gabe is equally a force to be reckoned with. Although he technically reports to a boss and teeters between following orders and making his own rules, in the end, his true self shines through.

I felt I owed it to myself and my characters to write more of their story. My idea formed the basis for The Guardians, a prequel to Dream Hunter. Here's a snippet, more sweet than sexy, from my work-in-progress. This scene describes the budding romance between Eudes and Aeliana. Enjoy!


“You are ready to begin, Aeliana.” He said her name reverently.
“Oh, Eudes! That is most wonderful news!” Aeliana threw her arms around his neck. They stared at each other for a brief moment, before Eudes closed the distance between them and claimed her lips in a sweet kiss.
“I will miss you, mouse,” Eudes said gruffly.”

I hope you enjoyed this sweet snippet!
The Guardians is coming soon... Dream Hunter is available now.