March 28, 2015

Why am I still here? (Part 2)

I have so much going on in my mind right now. I write confidently about my book marketing plan for Dream Hunter and I work dilligently every day to follow it. But how do I even know it's working? I had my last free day on Amazon last week and, since then, my sales ranking has steadily declined. I post pretty much daily on social media - Twitter, Facebook, Google+ - and traffic on my website and my new Facebook page is decent, but how do you equate all the hard work into results? How many times can you post to FB and tweet to Twitter on the same message - please buy my book - to the same audience? What measurement defines success (other than sales volume)?

My debut book was published on December 30, 2014, not even three months ago. In that time, I have worked to increase my book's exposure and get reviews. I have 17 reviews on Amazon, with a 3.8 average rating. My book (and me) have been featured and interviewed on various sites. I have guest blogged, I have hosted guests. I have interviews lined up for the future and 30 potential reviews forthcoming. But I feel like I am hitting a brick wall. What else can I do that hasn't been done before? I am but a small fish in a very big pond filled with talented and well-known authors. My book is special to me, but directed toward a niche market. I run with every idea I have.

I signed my book contract with Just Ink Press in December 2013. Starting in January 2014...

I started a blog.
I created an author Facebook account.
I bought an avatar.
I joined about 100 Facebook groups.
I joined Goodreads.
I joined Twitter.
My book had 5 free days on Amazon.
I submitted my book to every place under the sun to promote for free.
I developed a website with my own domain name.
I made a book trailer and posted it on my website and youtube.
I started a Facebook page for my book.
I plan on writing a prequel to my book.

I constantly read articles on social media, how to improve my website, how to market my book. I am present. I am active. But am I running on a treadmill? How do I know how I'm doing? Is there a book marketing checkup?

I feel the same way about my current health. I have not been well for the last 6 months. I blog a little about it, but it's a difficult subject for me. No one wants to be ill. It is especially disconcerting when the diagnosis is yet unknown. Marketing my book has really kept me going. It's been a great distraction for me. But I still have doubts if I'm doing everything I possibly can. The avenue I am researching now is paid book promotion and I'm still undecided. Maybe it's simply a matter of being patient, not exactly my best virtue. Until then, I am doing everything to facilitate a speedy recovery. When it's time for a checkup, hopefully I'll pass with flying colors!

Are you an author? What are your thoughts on paid book promotion?

Are you a reader? What makes you want to read a book?


  1. You're doing all the right thing but you have to bear in mind that there's nothing like instant success unless you have thousands of dollars to sink into buying advertising on some of the major sites like Goodreads /RT Reviews, etc.

    So be patient and keep writing.

  2. Thanks, Kiru! I'll work on the 'patience' thing! Lol