September 17, 2014

Now on Twitter

This week I ventured into the amazing world of Twitter. First of all, I don't know why I waited so long... I guess I was a little frightened of the unknown, thought it would be too time consuming, didn't realize how incredible it actually was... Then I tried it and discovered Twitter is a power all it's own.

Several people had suggested I sign up, but I resisted for a while. Then I hemmed and hawed for a bit. But this week I took the plunge. Not without first conducting a little research using my friends Google and YouTube. Finally, after deciding I was fully capable, armed with a whole new vocabulary and a handful of hilarious anecdotes, I joined the millions.

Oh yeah there's learning curve, but I think I'm getting the hang of things. I have tweeted and re-tweeted, I follow and I have followers. Thank you, btw. And it's amazing - have I mentioned that yet?

And I'm only just getting to the truly amazing part... I contributed to The Nuthouse Scribbers on Monday. Then I watched some true Twitter magic as the link to my blog post was tweeted and re-tweeted about five dozen times in the first few days... By people I didn't even know!!! How fantastic is that? And super exciting!

Maya Tyler is out there... On email, Facebook, Blogger... And now Twitter!