July 11, 2014

Another year

Another busy day, week, year. Another year older... Maybe wiser too, who knows? Lots of great things today. It's my birthday and the start of my summer vacation. What a relief. With everything going on at work, I needed a break. I was ready for my vacation to start.

And maybe I'm just tired. Maybe it's been a longer, busier week than usual. I can't help but feel a little jaded. I was happy for my birthday. I got cards from my parents, in-laws, sister, and godparents. I got emails from a couple of aunts. My sister also sent me a few texts today. But the only calls I got today were from my parents and in-laws. It makes me a little sad. If I'd included my real birthday on my FB profile, I would've had about 40 'happy birthdays' on my wall by now. I understand that my friends are busy and have their own lives. I'm busy and I have my own life. But I never forget a birthday. I don't need cards or presents, but it's nice to be remembered.

This whole happy birthday wishes on FB thing because FB notified you a 'friend' is having a birthday is so fake. Don't get me wrong - I use FB. I like FB. But a few years ago I stopped playing all the addictive games and had a serious friend purge. I don't need 500 friends to feel good about myself.

I feel good about myself. That's the plain and honest truth. My dreams are coming true and I've never been happier. The only damper in our life plan is my husband's health. Which goes to show, you can plan everything to a point but you still have to contend with the bends in the road. Hopefully this bend has made me a stronger and better person.

So I'll enjoy what's left to my day, appreciate everything I have, and savour my time with my family this week. And hopefully get some writing done. It's a great challenge to accomplish anything with 2 small kids around. But I'll try. And I'll keep trying until I succeed.

A birthday is a little like a new year. A fresh start. A nudge toward accomplishing a goal, completing a project. A celebration that you've made it through another year. A second chance to make things right. I, for one, do not plan to waste one second of it!

Happy Friday, happy summer!

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