January 24, 2014

Just Breathe

I just finished my nightly yoga routine and as I was lying in 'Shavasana' pose I started compartmentalizing my day. By finding the quiet place inside me, I soften the pull every area of my life has on me. During the day, I am the living rope in an elaborate tug-of-war game. Work, kids, husband, chores... fun comes last and at the high price of guilt. My husband is always telling me I should relax and have more fun. Well, for me, fun is at the bottom of the list. But my husband of ten years is still trying to change me. In fact, he was the one who encouraged me to take up yoga. So now when the kids go to bed at the happy hour of eight o'clock, I change out of my business casual and into yoga clothes.

I'm not all about work... I find pure joy when I'm creating a story, playing the piano, ice skating or singing. I don't want to be boring and anti-fun... but laundry doesn't do itself... :)

This week I engaged in another of my favorite past-times - procrastination. Last Sunday, my editor emailed me round one edits and I was too nervous to look. What made me nervous was the sentence in the body of the email about still adoring my story and hero... did that mean the manuscript was completely red-penned to the point I would doubt my self-worth and want to throw myself over the closest bridge... not that I would because I'm terrified of heights... er I mean I'm just being dramatic.  Well, I knew I would have to review the comments this weekend, fix what needed fixed, and send it back so I looked tonight. It wasn't as bad as I thought... it is my first book and first professional writing experience, after all. I can do it. I can make it happen. Breathe, Maya, it's going to be okay. Because my dream is finally within reach. Someday, in the not so distant future, my book will be out there.

So, what was I doing when I should have been editing? Which, btw, is a lot harder than writing. The writing part is easy compared to editing. That's why writing critique partners are essential to the craft... and practice. Some members of my writing group belong to the Nuthouse Scribblers blog. I recently wrote a guest blog there. Anyway, for Valentine's day, the blog will post a daily series of themed, short stories. So, this week I wrote my contribution - a 3K word spa fantasy. And didn't get my editing done. Yikes!

But tomorrow is another day and, in the meantime, I will center my mind and just breathe.


  1. Editing is like pulling a plaster off just do it quickly it's less painful. The best of luck with it. I look forward to reading your spa story.

  2. For sure... Hope you like the spa story... :)