Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Favourite Movie Scenes by @mayatylerauthor

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Writing this blog post was surprisingly emotional for me. I thought about my favourite movies and watched clips on YouTube... with some of them bringing me to tears... as you'll soon read...

My Five Favorite Movie Scenes of All Time

I judge a movie scene as amazing if what the director et al produce is as good, or better, as my own imagination. That said, there are so many, many amazing movies out there with equally amazing scenes… I approached this question methodically, with a Google search of all my favorite movies, then I asked myself which of those had the most memorable scenes. Unavoidable spoilers ahead…

My all-time favorite movie, since forever, is The Princess Bride. There are about a million awesome scenes in this movie. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I can practically recite every line along with the movie and I often quote it. Often. One of my favorite lines is, “As you wish.” In the movie, this actually means “I love you” and it has special significance in the scene on the grassy hillside, before the Fire Swamp, when Buttercup pushes the man in the black mask down. As he tumbles down the hill he yells, “As you wish.” She realizes the man is actually her lost love. In that moment, she regains hope and it also gives the audience renewed hope for a happily-ever-after.

Next in my list is 13 Going on 30. I love this movie. One of the few I still own on DVD. Not only was the soundtrack killer – I love ‘80’s music – Jennifer Garner was the perfect actress for the female lead. In “Freaky Friday” fashion, Jenna, a 13-year-old girl in a 30-year-old woman’s body, finds herself in an awkward social situation, a super lame party. What’s a girl to do? She asks the DJ to play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and starts to dance, in the middle of the floor, by herself. She calls her childhood best friend Matt up to dance with her, then they are joined by other party-goers flash mob style. This scene reminds me of the pure innocence of childhood, which is often lost when we grow up. The adult dancers move uninhibitedly, experiencing child-like joy.

My list would not be complete without the epic movie The Notebook. When I was reviewing a list of the most unforgettable scenes – it’s been a while since I watched it – I cried. Seriously. Several times. From YouTube clips. The movie is that emotional. Poignant. Touching. A real epitome of true love. What could be more moving than Noah’s unfaltering devotion to his ailing wife Allie? The enactment of their story has many memorable moments, including a steamy kiss or two, but the best scene hands down is when Allie has a lucid moment and realizes the story Noah is telling her is about them. Love is truly the most powerful thing in the world.

For the hopeless romantic <<raises hand>> a love scene, when properly staged, is a must in every movie. Come on, even action flicks offer a side of romance. The build-up toward that kiss or more is as crucial as the act itself. In the ending scene of Underworld Evolution, the camera view shifts between Selene and Michael as they walk toward each other. The focus is on the stark emotion on their faces. When they reach each other, Michael touches her face, as if to ensure she is real, before they kiss. The camera moves away and you just know there’ll be another movie in the series. It’s the drawn-out anticipation and, also, the promise of continuity, a future, which makes this scene noteworthy.

Another of my favorite movies is Disney’s Enchanted, a real-life fairy tale. I firmly believe if my life story were made into a film, it would look like (parts of) this movie. The best scene takes place in Central Park when Giselle sings “That’s How You Know” to Robert to explain how he should show affection toward his girlfriend. As she sings and dances around the park, random park goers join in, singers and dancers, marching around the park like a Disney World parade. Even Robert, the cynical New York lawyer, finds himself bobbing his head in time to the music. The song ends with a flash mob near the Bethesda Fountain. Shouldn’t all important conversations occur in song?

The best movie scenes evoke real emotion. Hope. Joy. Love.


  1. I love movies, especially epics.

    Not really in order, but here are my five:

    Last of the Dogmen - Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey. She's an archaeologist and he's a tracker. He's been hired to find some escaped convicts in the Montana Oxbow (flipped prison van going through the region). He sees...something...he can't explain. When he's shot with an arrow, he knows it's not modern so takes it to Hershey who's on a local dig. They go into the Oxbow together to see what's up. The scene that gets me is that first one where they both discover the secret hidden in the mountains. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it, but the incredulity on their faces and the panoramic shots, and the epic music, make the moment incredible. It opens up big 'what ifs.'

    Last of the Mohicans - Daniel Day-Lewis. This is a fictional telling of how Native Peoples were pushed off their land during the land grab of the 'white man'. Day-Lewis is a white man but has lived among the Mohican tribe most of his life. He eventually falls in love with a white woman who's father and fiance are part of the local Army regiment. He's suddenly put in the middle of the battle. Many epic scenes in the story, but the one that tugs at my heart is at the end when Day-Lewis is standing on a mountaintop with 'his woman' and his Mohican father, Chingachgook, who's lamenting about the time of the Native Peoples of the land, the coming of the white man, and progress. He ends by saying, "But once we were here."

    Excalibur - Sir Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Helen Mirren, etc. The classic take of the sword in the stone and the knights of the round table and King Arthur. A cult classic now. I was always entranced by the Charm of Making, and the first time Merlin chants it to bring on the dragon's breath for Uther to ride upon to reach his enemy's castle so he can have his way with Igraine, ultimately impregnating her with a child...Arthur. I can still chant the Charm of Making after all these years. Probably the only Irish I really know ;-)

    Somewhere in Time - Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Reeve finds a way to go back in time to find the true identity of an old woman who comes to him in the modern age, who says, "Come back to me." Of course, he falls in love with her, but then something happens the morning after they make love and he's transported back to modern times right before her eyes. The horror and panic of seeing him disappearing chokes me up every time. I can hear her as I type this, screaming, "Richard!"

    Hell on Wheels - Anson Mount, Colm Meany, Christopher Heyerdahl, Common, etc. This was a TV series, so not a movie, but I wanted to add this in because I'm rarely gobsmacked by TV programs. But there was a scene between Cullen Bohannon/Anson Mount and Lily Bell/Dominique McElligott. They'd spent several episodes getting under each other's skin. Finally, in season 2 episode 7, she goes to his place (a train wagon turned into his living space) and they make love. It was the most tender and emotive scene I've ever seen, or read, in years. I think I held my breath through the whole scene. It's on YouTube if you're interested ;-)

    Of course, now I want to go watch some great movies!!

    1. TGIF Maybe time this weekend to re-visit an old fave?

    2. I do have some favorites recorded onto my Sky Box, but ended up watching back to back episodes of Dr Dee: Alaska Vet. A full season, I think. Now I want puppies!! LOL